16h34 UTC; SATURDAY, 9 AUGUST 2014: If there's something which the Zealots and True Believers in that conservative article of faith holding that free trade with developing countries is the "new wave" in American foreign development aid (particularly the sort packaged as the "Ronald Reagan Free Trade Zone" in its Luscious Glory of challenging Chinese investment and development aid), may I be first to bring you the following caveat as needs to be given due regard and consideration (and serious such, at that):

About a month back, Britain's High Court ruled in favour of an Ethiopian refugee now in Kenya, identified in court papers only as "Mr. O" for fear of reprisals, seeking action against Her Majesty's Government for failing to exercise due dilligence in its giving the Ethiopian regime foreign development aid, knowing (un)consciously that such would likely be diverted improperly by Addis Ababa to police and public-security forces in aid of sadisto measures themselves in aid of a forcible-resettlement scheme whereby once-proud pastoralists were forcibly resettled into hastily-constructed villages without any regard for compensation of those thereby resettled in the "villagisation" scheme. Same also questions the rationale and legality of the whole "villagisation" scheme proper, such having been carried out (or so "Mr. O" contends) without any proper consultations by the regime with afflicted peoples, or due regard for the socioeconomic benefits/consequences therefor relative to the national interest.

Would this remind you of getting in touch with relatives "back home"?

Another area of concern as needs addressing with respect to the "Ronald Reagan Free Trade Area" ideal is that such is probably a coy repackaging of the Imperial Japanese concept of "Co-Prosperity" prior to World War II, especially so a desire to embrace an Asia-centrist trade and colonial policy across East Asia and the western Pacific aligning itself with Japan rather than the European and American colonial powers who, according to the rpevailing Japanese line of the times, had no real concern for the Asian peoples under its sovereign control except for industrial exploitation and enslavement.

And whose answer was essentially a Japan-centrist brand of industrial exploitation and enslavement; remember that the Japanese were basically Johnny-come-lately types at industrialisation, thanks to the Meiji Restoration of 1868 ending some three centuries of shogunal feudalism and its enforced xenophobic isolation, and given the rather limited land mass of the Japanese archipelago, they were compelled to conquer other parts of Asia just to secure access to essential raw materials for industrial development and the cheap labour as would be required for their exploitation (especially native peoples in conquered areas such as the Liaotung Peninsula, Formosa, Korea, the Pescadores and Manchuria, with designs on Burma, French Indo-China, the Dutch East Indies and even Australia and the Philippines as part of what Tokyo saw to be the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere," with Japan seen to be Lord and Master of Asia and the Pacific and the zaibatsu serving as vassals of their Superdivine Emperor expected to endow the whole endeavour with the blessings of the State Shinto deilogical parthenon).

Have we presumably "superior" AmeriKKKans learned the lessons of Japan's star-crossed "Co-Prosperity" concept before proceeding on its Holy and Divinely-Endowed Mission of challenging China's emerging socioeconomic/political influence in developing regions through the "Ronald Reagan Free Trade Area" and its using religious missionaries to promote ons styl ekonomesie vryheid as the new ideal of AmeriKKKan foreign development aid alongside Christian evangelisation and mission work, among other components therefor?

And what would the stateside costs be in terms of once-proud jobs being thus lost, once-proud communities interconnected to said jobs suffering all the more from high unemployment and the newly-poor being shamed into finding work of the worst possible kind with cheap ideological platitudes such as "a people alone rescues itself" being emphasised at the expense of the practical?

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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