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18h32 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 15 FEBRUARY 2012: Between conservative prolefeed advisor Frank Luntz' advising conservative prolefeeders to please use the "focus-group-tested"(?) expression "economic freedom" "to make [the concept of] capitalism more acceptable" to the voters and the GOP Presidential field taking issue with President Obama for "endangering economic recovery" with policies "leading to socialism" (and some going so far as to suggest, according to Right Wing Watch--see examples here, here and here, in case you need proof--that President Obama is unwittingly "assuming dictatorial powers," all the while lacking credible proof beyond their own delusional fantasies), such is enough to make you start wondering if it's at a point where the weird, unwholesome and even fanatically dangerous could create disorder, chaos and violence they can project blame upon We, The People.

The which could pose a clear and present danger to Liberty all the more; as Josiah Quincy reminds us, "liberty is not safe where the people and not watchful."


And talk about the depths of fanaticism that extremists will go, especially so-called "sovereign citizens" who follow what tax protester David Wynn Miller (or, as he prefers styling himself, "David-Wynn: Miller") calls "In-the-Truth," essentially Orwellian Newspeak on steroids, in legal and other proceedings seeking little more than to create legal disorder and chaos reeking of linguistic blackmail. (Mr. Miller contends that "In-the-Truth," because of its mathematical foundation, is a "more logical" form of English.)

The Hatewatch blog of the Southern Poverty Law Centre makes note of where David Russell Myrland, a "sovereign citizen" now in Federal prison for threatening mayhem against a public official, is now filing suit in Federal court with pleadings using "In-the-Truth" phraseology throughout. Hatewatch elaborates:
The “evidence” attached to the suit filed Jan. 23 is the federal criminal complaint filed by the Justice Department in January 2011 against Myrland, accusing him of threatening to kidnap and injure the mayor of Kirkland, Wash. Every word in the complaint is painstakingly footnoted as a “syntax-word-key meaning.”

Myrland, part of a sovereign group calling itself “Assemblies of the Counties,” pleaded guilty last August to threatening to use deadly force to arrest various government officials. The group has ties to Alaska militia leader Francis Schaeffer Cox, who faces charges of plotting to kidnap and kill judges and state police officers.

For the past 20 years, Myrland has been illegally practicing law and teaching others how to cheat on their federal income taxes, prosecutors said in court filings when he was sentenced in December.

Somewhere along the way, Myrland hooked up with Miller, who modestly claims he has an IQ of 200 and is a frequent speaker at antigovernment “Patriot” movement gatherings. Both men’s signatures (with hyphens and full colons, of course) are on the suit, along with Miller’s fingerprint atop his signature.

After 10 pages of single-spaced, legal gobbledygook, the suit concludes: “For the ‘why’ of the sheriff’s-statement-writings and: United States Attorney’s-statements-writing are with a second-grade-reading-level and: writing-level and: vacating-facts, opinions, guessing, modifications, viod [sic]-factual-syntax-grammar word-meanings by the vassalees against the collusion-conspiracy with the handycapping [sic]-parse-syntax-grammar-communication-pleadings and: babbling-collusions-threats against the David-Russell: Myrland by the vassalees.”

“For this federal-judge: David-Wynn: Miller’s-correction of the vassalees-fiction-syntax-grammar-pleadings is with the correction-participation-claim of this babble-indictment-evidence and: bad-probation-syntax=grammar-evidence. (Why did the vassalees do this case with a void-communications?) For the void-drogue-law, void-oath of an office, void-judge’s-oath, void-docking-court-house-vessel in the Washington-state-dry-dock and: void-original-lodial-land-title.”

(So why exactly would a "syntax-word-key meaning" matter, especially when, on reading the preceding, it sounds like some sort of monotone sonovox transcription?)


"Money is the root of all evil," so they say. Why not invest yours in United States Savings Bonds or local equivalent equities?


Is it any wonder conservatives' mindsets towards journalism are more along the lines of such common to dictatorial or totalitarian regimes; i.e., insisting that the Fourth Estate is an agency of the State and should do its proper role as a tool of the State's will and agenda? Cases in point, courtesy of the ConWebBlog at ConWebWatch, here, here and here.


With the Sacred and Profane Name of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker being implicated on Very Serious Charges just yesterday, what exactly would preclude some brave Wisconsinite from launching a petition campaign to pray beseech the apropos committees of the Wisconsin Legislature to begin enquiries into the clear and present prospect of impeaching Governor Walker and thus removing him from office (especially should the recall campaign go sour because of trick or deception)?

(And making sure to use clear, unambiguous language in the petition, not "In-the-Truth" so as to confuse or otherwise trick the Legislators so entrusted.)

Too, there's also the need to watch for Governor Walker's collapsing into outright psychopathia of the highest order, a sort which could reach its nadir when it emerges that he's been seen with a younger girl, under an assumed name (as it turns out), in some Wisconsin Dells waterpark resort suite watching porn videos and worse, in effect Outraging Decency and Common Sense to the point of Compromising Public Trust and Confidence in the Badger State's officials in positions thereof so that the Legislature may be left with no choice but to introduce a Motion of No Confidence in Governor Walker, passage of which essentially dissolves the government and forces new elections to be timely called.


In its objecting to the Excesses of Big Government, how do we know the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement isn't secretly pushing for replacing the Constitution with the Articles of Confederation in its Luscious Glory of a de minimis ideal of centralised Federal governance as shifts greater authority to the several States?

And where exactly in Holy Writ does God prefer Confederation to the current Constitutional model?


Regal Entertainment Group, the nation's largest cinema company (as in the Regal, Edwards and United Artists circuits), may have lost money in the 4th quarter of last year on ticket sales (blame it on a rather weak and insipid selection of major-studio releases as probably weren't interesting enough to watch), but is making up for it at the concession stand with high price markups; e.g., the New York Post hath it that a Regal-owned cinema in midtown Manhattan is charging $6 for a large bucket of popcorn as costs but 5 cents to pop.

Which is enough to wonder if the studios would allow concession-stand profits to cross-subsidise admission prices on major releases as are usually subject to a two-week embargo on passes and discount matinees being allowed.

On the other hand, many small-town cinemas across the Fox News-delusional Arcadia known as "REAL AmeriKKKa" may find it rather difficult, expensive even, to make the transition from traditional celluloid film to newer digital projection systems as are becoming industry standard. Especially with banks increasingly unwilling to make small-business loans available because of "new Federal banking regulations" requiring tighter capital standards, to use a particularly likely patsy.


Before too long, the conditions will start warming up to the extent that itinerant crews as could consider themselves part of an "Unregistered Contractor Movement" modelled on the "Unregistered Church" such on the Extreme Patriot Right will start making the rounds offering cut-price home-improvement work of various types with all manner of fantastic claims about the cost being as low as it is because of "surplus materials" from a recent job up the road, and the firm they supposedly work for having policies which penalise crews for "waste of materials" or some such story.

Which, in any case, ought be approached with skepticism, especially because:
  • states may require licencing and/or bonding of contractors and others in home-improvement work;
  • some of the crews in question may be "wino" such press-ganged from rescue missions, Greyhound bus stations and halfway houses under false or misleading pretenses, with their pay on a "deduction-order" basis; and
  • the "surplus materials" in question may actually be stolen or pilfered from mainstream channels.
And, in any case, should be a reminder to insist on your asking for their proof of licencing and bonding for the tasks you have in mind ... insisting on a written contract before work begins, explaining what exactly is to be done and how long such can expect to take ... and insisting on paying a deposit up front, with the balance due upon satisfactory completion (and declining any insistence that all such work be payable in advance, and in cash, without rational explanation of the "why and wherefore" behind such policies).

Checking such companies out with the Better Business Bureau or state licencing agencies may be a helpful safeguard as well, especially where whispers about their repute or quality of work start circulating in certain circles. "An ounce of prevention," &c.

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