With the GOP now acknowledging where they want to distance themselves all the more ideologically from the so-called "Tea Party" element, especially considering the latter's crossing the line into potentially dangerous territory ideologically, it will be interesting to see if we may be seeing a scenario not unlike the split in the Democratic Party in 1948 after its platform embraced a civil rights agenda, leading as it did to the emergence of the States' Rights Party (a/k/a the Dixiecrats) by especially Southern Democrats who wanted to maintain the status quo when it came to racial issues, reinforced by the "states' rights" canard (and nominated Strom Thurmond as its Presidential candidate in the 1948 Presidential elections as became all the more close thanks to Republican Presidential challenger Thomas E. Dewey giving incumbent Harry Truman quite the challenge).

Of course, Indecision 2014 will see the first major challenge of this possible split, but Indecision 2016 could be the test of fire for the "Tea Party" if it chooses to run its own Presidential campaign; one such Congressional darling, Iowa Congressman Steve King, is being tapped to so consider. And which, in any case, could mean a seriously fractured Presidential vote as especially "Tea Party"-deluded regimes at state level seek to further restrict electoral franchise under the banner of "protecting electoral integrity and purity" based on absurd and fatuous canards tending at times to racism.

"Liberty is not safe where the people are not watchful."

With the southern Missouri flooding of the last few days seeing its effects known in Branson, that acme and ideal of "White AmeriKKKan Culture" beloved of "Tea Party," "9/12" and "Christian Patriot" types seeing as "cultural heritage" the racist, the bigoted and the crudely-stereotyped such as some of its "music shows" are fond of pushing--though not as blatant as in Waynesville, mind you, which saw the worst such effects (one dead and another missing, with substantial property damage)--how do we know such isn't actually a Divine Warning upon such aforementioned elements not to use same as a "defining standard" for Amerikanischer Realkultur they see as "morally superior" to all others?

(Reader, I do apologise for essentially parodying the Westboro Baptist Church's prolefeed tropes, as manifested in their funeral protests, about Divine Condemnation of Thy Dear and Lovely Land Accepting Homosexuality and the Culture and Lifestyle Thereof being manifested in all manner of Unfortunate Events as include the deaths of our troops in such misguided causes as Iraq and Afghanistan, themselves provoked on fraud and trick. After all, the Rev. Fred Phelps family, as is essentially the entire membership of Westboro Baptist, is no more above satiric depantsing as anybody else in the conservative parthenon. Which explains the bumper stickers reading "My news channel is Comedy Central and my comedy channel is Fox News" or similar.)

One thing worth asking especially "Tea Party" Congressionals at any "town meetings" they may be holding down your way over the current summer break (check local media for times and venues): "How sure are you that a voucher-based model replacing Medicare and Medicaid would be better than Obamacare in terms of cost efficiency, especially when lower-income persons likely to be targeted can't expect to make wise choices anyway when it comes to free-market health cover?"

If not at a "town meeting," then through e-mail or letterposts. All the while being polite and yet professional.

Meanwhile, for our "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" brethren, comes word that a New Zealand dairy products supplier has recalled several thousand pounds of infant formula exported to China after it was found to contain the potentially fatal botulism toxin, in its turn translating into officially-sanctioned paranoia about imported infant formula for an easily-manipulate populace still itself uneasy about domestically-produced infant formula powder after a scandal back in 2008 involving the incorporation of the chemical melamine into several brands thereof, with several deaths ensuing in the bargain. (As well, breast feeding isn't widely accepted at the moment because of cultural objections for the most part, notwithstanding medical evidence which shows that those who are breast-fed manage to come out healthier than those fed infant formula.)

And via BBC Monitoring comes these two further items this same self-serving and yet hypocritically jingoistic element will find interesting:
The Beijing News says a 62-year-old teacher has confessed to police that he molested seven young school girls left behind by their migrant worker parents in a remote village in Ruichang, Jiangxi province.

Some of the parents complained that authorities in Ruichang had tried to persuade them to sign a deal agreeing not to pursue the case in exchange for a pay-off.

And finally, the
Southern Metropolis Daily shows screenshots of now-deleted photos featured on the Global Times and Xinhua news agency [websites] purportedly showing a woman being executed by lethal injection that may have come from a fetish porn website.

The photo galleries, entitled "Actual record of female prisoner's execution, world's darkest side unveiled", have become an "own goal" for China's state media and an "international laughing stock", comments Hong Kong's
Oriental Daily News.
Finally, an actual "help wanted" advert from out Tobacco Road way some years back as is itself rather unintentionally hilarious: "WANTED--Girls to strip in a tobacco factory." (Cue up "The Stripper" per Billy Rose and His Orchestra for rejoinder thereof.)


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