19h12 UTC; MONDAY, 1 DECEMBER 2014: As a RepubliKKKan-dominant and -ascendent Congress, elected largely through trick, fraud, deceit and (perhaps) unlawful subliminal techniques reeking of the $cientologist model prepares to convene early next year, prepare to see the decline and meltdown into sheer and utter ruin unto wrack and ruin as the prevailing factions (especially so the "Tea Party/Christian Patriot" such) battle it out for winning over the hearts and minds of the Greater AmeriKKKan Masses into accepting such as the "real" RepubliKKKan Party as especially Indecision 2016 approaches.

(And know, thanks to the 22nd Amendment to the United States Constitution which these same Zealots and True Believers insist on defending, incumbent President Barack Obama cannot seek a third term, never mind such prolefeed insisting that he may try Mockingjay-stylee trick and deception to maintain dictatorial power as could Betray Thy Dear and Lovely Land to the Dark and Sinister Forces of the New World Order as will Usurp and Destroy the Peculiar That Is Our National and Sovereign Identity as a People and Nation.)

And as the RepubliKKKan factions in the 114th Congress seek to push all form and fashion of distractive measures and tactics to divert attention from their Betrayal of Thy Dear and Lovely Land, &c., which they seek to blame President Obama for solely for reasons grounded in the white-nationalist acronym of ORION ("Our Race Is Our Nation"), it's possible for Our Sworn Enemies, especially from without as much as from within, to exploit the prevailing disorder and chaos and launch sneak attacks against us. Which, more than anything, may really be "false flags" set up by weird and unwholesome types with known (yet secret) associations to the RepubliKKKan Party to excuse further repressive measures as could be our betrayal, itself calling to mind the anti-Communist atrocity prolefeed popular in the 1950's.

But on the other hand, more moderate factions of the RepubliKKKan Party may be starting to draw the ideological line all the more deeper in the sand vis-à-vis the ilk of nativist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic and other generally intolerant views and articles of faith in especially such in positions of confidence and trust at the local level. (Case in point: The chairman of the Big Stone County, MN RepubliKKKan Party has been asked to leave his post after posting comments on his Facebook page calling for sadism and ultraviolence against Muslims making the rituals of the hajj in Mecca. As well, the hardware store in Ortonville where he was employed has given him his cards.)

But then again, will such actually work in weeding out the ranker elements of extremism before such give the RepubliKKKan Party a bad name and repute with calls for mob rule, racist fanaticism, debauched sadism against National Minorities and perceived opponents (especially such suspected of "disloyalty" or "want of true patriot love of country" in McCarthyist stylee, as in without credible evidence or such based largely on hearsay and conjecture) and calls for using the State as an agent of violence and repression whereby God and Christ can be excused to justify such acts, deeds and exploits?

And Another Thing: How do we know the claims from many of these same elements about "Christian Persecution" stateside under President Obama's super-secretive direction isn't really coming from the worst sort of Grub Street-model writer with a paleoconservative agenda to advance, hoping to blow the meager earnings he gets thereby (more than likely on a per-word basis) on liquor, drugs, loose women or lottery tickets for what turns out being highly-dubious, sensationalised even, prolefeed as is almost sure to be deflated for its want of credibility?

One Thing More: As I prepare for what amounts to what some of you may deem to be a Disgusting Medical Procedure on Wednesday for moi, do expect moi to be unlikely to post for a couple days. Especially so on Wednesday, the day of the procedure proper, and perhaps for a day or two after as he recovers from its possible ill effects, anesthesia even.

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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