19h UTC; FRIDAY, 1 NOVEMBER 2013: In case you haven't heard it by now, Mother Jones magazine--yes, the same Mother Jones as broke the story of Mitt Romney's notorious closed-door "47 percent" fundraiser speech in Indecision 2012--hath video of remarks that Sen. Ted Cruz' father, evangel Rafael Cruz, made last spring implying that AmeriKKKa is, was and will always be a Christian Nation ... as well as his "going Birther" in calling upon President Obama to return to Kenya in order to save as much the Constitution as Our Dear Lovely Nation in its Luscious Glory as a Sovereign Peculiar.

(Click on the leading image to read about the remarks and/or see the video for yourself. And prepare to be as disgusted as America was after the "47 percent" video made the rounds.)

In any event, such may want to raise questions as to whether Rafael Cruz "himself" may be some class of an Appy Polly Loggyista for the Fulgencio Batista regime in Cuba as preceded the seizure of power by Fidel Castro at the start of 1959, never mind that Batista was in it with Cosa Nostra types seeking to control Sin in all its forms across Cuba--gaming, drugs, prostitution, pornography, all which gave pre-Castro Cuba the repute it had of "the brothel of the Caribbean"--and yet we were giving his otherwise corrupt regime financial and moral support galore as "a dedicated leader in the battle against Communism in the Americas."

All the while chowing down on extended lunches punctuated by liberal doses of emetics just so he could keep on eating.

Too, you also have the possibility of Rafael Cruz channelling
apartheid-era South African majordomo Hendrik Verwoerd, who himself was a rather blatant racist seeking to invoke the Bible (as per the Calvinist interpretation of the Dutch Reformed Church dominant among the Afrikaner Volk of South Africa) to justify the enforced ethno-racial segretation which apartheid encapsulated, as well as insisting that the defence of capitalism (as in a Volkskapitalisme which Afrikaner nationalists were pushing to save the Afrikaner from further enslavement to "poor whiteism" as a byproduct of Die Tweede Trek commemorations in 1938) required that of enforced racism in the guise of "Christian Nationalism."

Replete with insistence that South Africa, just made independent of Great Britain as Meneer Verwoerd took office in 1961 (thanks to a rather close plebiscite the year previous--limited, obviously, to the white minority population expected to benefit from apartheid, as they were forever told since the policies were first implemented in 1948), is, was and will forever be God's Own Country by His Solemn Will and Endowment, as Reaffirmed at Bloedrivier with the Vow of Sarel Cilliers ... and that God justified Euro-Christian Colonialism to Maintain the White Man's Burden Upon Backward and Inferior Peoples, and that God's Will Justified Any Means Necessary to So Maintain.

(Even more blatant and banal when you throw in the martydom angle; Verwoerd was stabbed to death with a ceremonial sword by one Dmitri Tsafendas, wearing the uniform of a Parliamentary aide, on 6 September 1966 just after arrival in the House of Assembly in Cape Town, whence Meneer Verwoerd was to announce further economic policies serving the Luscious Glory of apartheid and Afrikanerdom. Tsafendas avoided the noose by claiming insanity, but was sentenced to imprisonment "at the State President's pleasure." Verwoerd's state funeral was attended by a quarter-million people, and was buried in the Heroes' Acre at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.)

So what we have here, reader, is 2013's "47 percent" speech, the which deserves nothing but revulsion and contempt by the Real Americans among us. As well as challenge, especially given Rafael Cruz' hagiographic extrapolations which could make apartheid South African propaganda condoning apartheid look like some cheesier example of Hanna-Barbera Saturday-morning animation.

(The title of today's post, know, was inspired by the closing words of Nazi Propaganda and Enlightenment Minister Josef Goebbels' infamous Berlin Sportpalast speech of 18 February 1943 placing the Grossdeutsche Reich in a state of "Total War" towards hastening the Luscious Glory of Victory: "Nun, steh auf, und der Strom bricht los!" ["Stand up now and unleash the storm!"] The original German was translated into Japanese via Google Translate ... whereupon Your Correspondent translated it, by the same means, from the Japanese into English--or ought that be "Engrish"?)

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of the "slice-of-life"
radio series Vic and Sade through the years)


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