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20h37 UTC; THURSDAY, 16 FEBRUARY 2012: Appy Polly Loggies, readers, for the delay in getting this to Teh Innerwebz; it seems that my cable-modem ISP has been having all manner of problems with a server upgrade which went haywire, essentially precluding Innerwebz access for some while ... and just when it seems the very problem had been corrected, it just so happened to flare up again, with resultant and renewed loss of Innerwebz connexion.

Thankfully, things are back up to strength, and in any event, Your Correspondent regrets any inconvenience you may be suffering for the delay in my posting coming up as accustomed.


Meanwhile, with the Christian Right making so much of a non-issue about Clear and Present Threats to Our Dearest Religious Liberties under President Obama to the extent of a Major Display of Christian Persecution Not Seen Since the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacree Against the French Huguenots, you just have to imagine where The Red Guy (as per Cow and Chicken some years back on Cartoon Network) must be serving as an Honourary Prolefeed Adviser to the GOP/"Tea Party" and Christian Right prolefeed sections in coming up with the crudest in Indecision 2012 campaign memes as are simple and easily-understood by the "REAL AmeriKKKan" in his Luscious Glory of "virtuous" poverty, fecundity and ignorance which the likes of Fox News and conservative talkback radio are enabling all the easier.

In particular the kind which can be encapsulated in hyperjuvenile falsetto singsong memes.


As if the "Holy Hankies" and other specimens of kitschy, camp even, souvenirs offered by (pseudo)religious ministries in exchange for donations thereto weren't getting awful enough for to distract the attention of the vulnerable and ignorant, consider what the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in Great Britain had to deal with vis-a-vis an Urdu-language satellite TV channel which used a teleshopping feature (as our British friends call infomercials) over last Ramadan to offer
Islamic "Taweez" lockets, [as] stated "DM Digital Global Network is presenting an Islamic locket, which consists of ninety nine sacred names of Allah Almighty and these sacred names has [sic] been recited with specific numbers. Wearing this locket, you can constantly increase blessings, call right now and book your locket today ... ".

The ad also stated "... Any incurable patient who recites the name of Allah excessively and prays for recovery will be restored completely ..."; " ... childless women [who] use this sacred name ... will be awarded with a baby ..."; "... a person who eat[s] four bites of bread for forty days after reciting this name ... will be save of problems of appetite, thirst, wounds and pain ..."; "... recite this name excessively over the water at the time of break and drink it, Inshaa Allah (Allah willing), syndrome will cured ..."; "... a woman unable to feed his [sic] baby, recite Ya-Matin over water and give her, Inshaa Allah... will have plenty of milk ..."; "... an ill person who recite Ya-Muhyiy excessively or recite it on other sick person will Inshaa Allah ... be better ..."; "... a person who recite Ya-Hayy three thousand times daily will Inshaa Allah ... never get ill ... A person who will write this name with camphor and rose ... will be restored completely ..."; "... a person who daily recite Ya-Ghaniy seventy times, Allah will increase his wealth, and he will not be dependent of [sic] anyone …”; “…A person having any internal or external infection or disease, recite Ya-Ghaniy all over his organs and body, s/he will Inshaa Allah be restored to health ..."; "... A person who recite [sic] this name excessively, all of his problems and troubles will Inshaa Allah ... be solved and money and children will be good ..."; "... A person who have any income problems, or any other distress, grief, or sorrow, recite this name forty one times daily, will Inshaa Allah ... be free from all these problems ..."; " ... A person having disobedient wife or children held his/her forehead and recite Ya-Shahid twenty one times, Inshaa Allah ... s/he will become obedient ..."; "... The person who recite Ya-haqq on all four corners of a square paper, raise upwards placing it on the palm, and pray, Inshaa Allah ... misplaced person or article will be found and will stay save from loss ... Call now and buy your locket ..."; "... If anyone place a hand over the belly of pregnant woman and recite Ya-Mubdi ninety-nine times, Inshaa Allah ... her pregnancy will neither waste ... nor a premature birth ..."; "... A person who recite Ya-Ar-Ra'uf excessively will Inshaa Allah ... be kind to and have kindness of people...".

The ad included other statements which indicated that reciting the names of Allah and performing prescribed actions would produce results for the user of the locket. Throughout the ad, text stating "This locket is not for medical purposes" scrolled along the bottom of the screen.
Which, in any case, attracted one complaint from the public, who contended that its claims were misleading; the ASA, for its part, "challenged whether the claims that wearing the locket provided health benefits for wearers and those they knew, particularly sick or 'incurable' patients, were irresponsible, because they could discourage consumers from taking appropriate medical advice," to quote from the Adjudication.

For its part, the broadcaster in question told the ASA, among other things, that
the ad was not intended to be educational or to be construed as medical advice, and that it was for entertainment purposes only. They said this was made clear by the on-screen text throughout the feature which stated "this programme does not give any medical advice. Please seek your GPs advice before any treatment. This is a teleshopping presentation and entertainment feature brought to you by DM Digital Television".
(WEEEEEELLLLLLL--!! "Teleshopping presentation and entertainment feature" ... interesting concept that would impress even the Kanker Sisters in their fondness for the old infomercials!!!)

In any case, the ASA ruled that the ad was misleading and at once irresponsible, and ordered that the ad not be shown again, thank you and God Save the Queen.

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