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17h32 UTC; TUESDAY, 29 MAY 2012: Hopefully, for those of you as read this blog in a supposedly "morally superior" United States (or so some among the weird and unwholesome expect the "REAL AmeriKKKan" to see things) are returning to some class of normalcy after the Memorial Day long weekend just concluded, the which means the beginning of the end of the schools term before the traditional Long Vacation over the summer.

The which certain parents just can't wait to look forward to, what with plenty of incentives for to get the kids out of the house during the daytime hours (as in between after breakfast and just before the supper hour) out of perceived concern about the parents "suffering a nervous breakdown" if the kids remain in the house all summer playing video games and surfing Teh Innerwebz, all the while "driving [the parents] to a nervous breakdown" by so remaining inside; hence, many such having ideas about expecting them to "make wise use of their time" by spending such at local malls, amusement and water-fun parks, &c., putting quite the allowance on pre-loaded debit cards issued them and giving them season passes to said amusement and water parks (along with all manner of carefully-scripted stories to explain to the apropos channels in case questions start being asked about their being around unaccompanied, the better to throw suspicion off the real intent of the parents all the more--which, for all we know, may involve perousing child porn websites and trying to be as discreet as possible).

(Did I also mention possible paranoia on the part of parents about summer youth programmes under auspices of local parks-and-recreation departments being supervised by "moral degenerates" who could "unwittingly lure [the children] into homosexuality," or so the patsy would have it, to excuse such mindsets?)

In any case, such a scenario as the preceding some parents must seem to have nothing on the officially-sponsored Innerwebz atrocity prolefeed out of Azerbaijan, much of it tending to the highly anecdotal and scaremongering (as in out of fear that the "elect***entitled as of Natural Right" could lose their "natural right" of power and control under the wrong set of circumstances). Said atrocity prolefeed probably on a par with the scaremongering used by the makers of Instant Postum, a grain-and-molasses-based coffee-ersatz no longer manufactured, vis-a-vis the Evils of Caffeine supposedly aggravating blindness, diminished eyesight, insanity, juvenile delinquency, traffic accidents, marital discord, loss of employment, &c., &c. (Which, in fact, persisted until a 1951 settlement with the Federal Trade Commission put an end to such claims. Meanwhile, for such among you disappointed at the loss of Postum from the marketplace, you can always try Pero, Cafix or Inka to satisfy your cravings in this respect.)


Meanwhile, if you still think Chock Full O'Nuts is The Heavenly Coffee (especially in and around New York City, where it's long been the brand leader), you probably haven't heard of a certain Cafe La Semeuse, by way of La Chaux-des-Fonds, Switzerland; its being roasted at such high altitudes as it is (and for a much shorter time than at sea level) translates into a smoother-tasting cup with little or no bitterness. No wonder such was the house coffee at New York's legendary French restaurant Lutece in its day.

In any case, there's plenty of other stuff worth discussing this time around, so let's move onward and upward:
  • Sometimes, it takes a foreign perspective to make us supposedly "morally superior" AmeriKKKans realise what we have been driven to thanks to hard-wired RepubliKKKan mindsets reeking of an Evil Cult (insert reechy horror-movie organ music here). Case in point, via The Irish Times at the weekend.
  • How do we know God isn't punishing Michigan for using the Emergency Fiscal Manager device to reorganise "faltering" municipalities ahead of corporatisation and share issue on the Pink Sheets via lightning-caused forest fires in their Upper Peninsula region?
  • To hear GOP Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney explain it, austerity fiscal measures at the Government level will be more than enough to encourage compensating private-sector such, especially where such translates into investment and jobs creation. If such be the case, then what prevents the worst of the Eurozone countries on austerity measures themselves (as in Greece, Italy and Spain) from applying such into practice; if so, then why aren't we hearing about this on the news?
  • So which is the greater Outrage upon Decency and Common Sense: Sustainable socioeconomic development and energy policies, or maintain "stay-the-course" complacency with outdated ideas as are officially packaged as "Wise Use"?
  • Right up the "Tea Party" prolefeed alley vis-a-vis exploiting the "spontaneous and wholehearted support" of the "REAL AmeriKKKan": Lamar Outdoor Advertising is suing city officials in Austin, MS over changes in its zoning bylaw limiting billboards to industrial areas, contending that such restrictions "violate [Lamar's] commercial free-speech rights." (How much longer before such an excuse is sought to challenge the constitutiuonality of the Highway Beautification Act 1965?)
  • How exactly is the United States Postal Service, in its Luscious Glory of pleading poverty for Congress to exploit such as a back-door channel for corporatisation and share issue rivalling Facebook's recent such for Comedy of Errors potential, able to afford offering contract buydowns of $15,000 (in four payments) each to such mail sorters and handlers affected by forthcoming closing and reorganisation of Regional Sorting Centres and rural Post Offices?
In closing, I just hope you didn't exactly miss moi ... and that I hope you can share this blog to your fellow online brothers-in-arms and friends. (Responsibly, remember.)

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