18h UTC; FRIDAY, 2 AUGUST 2013: As if Fox News Channel's "alerts" wanting in serious news relevance or importance wasn't awful enough to give cable news a bad name and repute, Your Correspondent understands where WDRB, the Fox "FreeVee" (as it were) affiliate in Louisville, has started to attract viewers to its evening news bulletins by announcing where it's dispensed with the whole notion of "breaking news," as if insisting that such was being misused by competitors to the point of misleading viewers. (More on this by way of NPR's All Things Considered, for such who want the meat on same.)

Which, in and of itself, is enough to wonder if "breaking news" should be nominated into the Annual List of Words, Phrases and Expressions Henceforth Banished from the Queen's English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness, as compiled and announced by Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie during the Christmas/New Year's period since 1975 or thereabouts.

Also worth recommending to the Banished Words List would have to be "weird trick," as used by the conservative prolefeed portal Newsmax in contextual online advertising and e-mail blasts to promote supposed weight-loss, medical and Government-benefit schemes offered in "informational reports" of dubious value as are used to flog off equally-worthless e-newsletters through what amounts to borderline "negative option marketing," itself deemed a Deceptive Sales Practice because such requires you to ask them to stop sending the newsletter before a defined cutoff period to avoid being billed inflated prices.

What if you were to announce an "ex-gays rally" with overtones of revivalist camp meetings to be held on The National Mall in Washington, expecting thousands to show up "spontaneously and wholeheartedly" ... only to attract the whole of ten people (yes, you read that right) to same (who, for all we know, may have been paid off, and quietly, in Walmart gift cards just for attending)?

Speaking of Walmart, perhaps it may be time to challenge them vis-a-vis back-to-school shopping for the necessary supplies, clothing and requisites in the price department by using their own flyers against them in challenging competitors to match Walmart's pricing, thereby setting off a Battle Royale in this regard. Just remember these basic ground rules:
  • Exact same merchandise, right down to brands, sizes, colours, flavours, &c. ("apples-to-apples" essentially);
  • The Walmart flyer must be current and brought in for proof of pricing, and shown at the checkout to request the price match;
  • Percent-off, closeout, 2-for-1 or coupon offers don't qualify; and
  • Except in New Mexico, retailers have the right to limit purchase quantities.
(Meanwhile, may I also suggest buying a few extra supplies to contribute to such schemes in your community as provide school supplies to the needy and underprivileged.)

As for The Oxycontin Boar's rather trite implication that Detroit's current socioeconomic depravities as have led to appointment of a Procurator Fiscal can be put down to its substantial black population, such clearly and grossly ignores history; as a matter of fact, many thousands of Southern blacks as much as "poor whites" had migrated to Detroit with the auto industry's ascendency some 100 years back, particularly so after Henry Ford's announcing a $5/diem pay rate for a six-day, 60-hour work week. (In the case of blacks, such was in large part to escape Jim Crow's oppressive excesses; for "poor whites," such migration was sometimes out of socioeconomic necessity, usually aggravated by poor crops or limited job opportunities beyond coal mines or moonshining.)

Too, he ought also remember that in 1943, in the midst of World War II--when pretty much the entire automobile industry was doing war-related production--some rather serious race riots erupted in Detroit to the extent that martial law was imposed and Federal troops were called in. Said rioting having been provoked by "poor whiteism" from the Deep South envious of blacks "stealing" war jobs, know.

No wonder the Former Confederacy doesn't quite have it easy: Bi-Lo/Winn-Dixie, the South's biggest supermarket group, have issued a recall at the request of of National Beef Packers out of Liberal, KS for pre-packaged store-brand 93% Lean Ground Beef in 1-lb. chubs, such suspected of E. coli contamination. (For the record, those of you with frozen chubs of affected product as ultimately decide to use it would do well to cook it thoroughly--as in to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit--to kill off the bacterium.)

Other stores and brands could be affected in due course, so stay tuned.


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