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00h UTC; TUESDAY, 17 JULY 2012: Onward, readers, for there's plenty to discuss and debate:
  • In an attempt (howbeit vainglorious) to deflect the attention of Boobus Americanus from the Bain Capital imbroglio, GOP Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney's campaign has produced a selectively-edited online video suggesting that President Obama gave preferential treatment to campaign donors ("spoils," they used to call it), closing with the rhetorically-leaning query "Fine for the donor classes ... but what about the middle classes?" (What Governor Romney isn't saying here is that he wants the middle classes to save themselves alone through spontaneous Reddingsdaad of the Afrikaner Nationalist model, preferably to be aided through a mass movement modelled on the Reddingsdaadbond as served in furtherance of the campaign vis-a-vis the perfection of Volkskapitalisme, the "people-centred" capitalism officially "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk," as per the slogan of Sanlam.)
  • Staying with Governor Romney for the moment, and l'affaire Bain Capital post-1999: Could it be possible that while Romney headed the Salt Lake City Olympic Organising Committee, he may have maintained "off-the-books" ties to Bain Capital through telecommuting and/or "robosigning" documents in behalf of Bain Capital as required the signature of an officer thereof? Has anybody considered just such a possibility? "Have you forgotten doublethink?"
  • As if AmeriKKKan Crossroads GPS' latest attempt at prolefeed urging the "REAL AmeriKKKan" to harrass President Obama by proxy towards taking action to reduce the National Debt (howbeit without clear specifics) wasn't pathetic enough, at least it's interesting and worthwhile to know where your purchases from The Online Mall That Am! elsewhere on this site will help in some small way to help reduce the aforementioned National Debt, for starters. (For those among you who want to help reduce the National Debt on your own initiative, click here for details.)
  • For those of you still deluded into thinking that otters were so cyoot and adorable, they do have a darker side: Out of Duluth comes word of a 17-year-old girl who, while swimming in Island Lake north of the Zenith City last Wednesday evening, was bitten some 20 times by an otter, leaving puncture wounds as deep as 2" into her body. And in receiving medical treatment, the girl also received injections against the likelihood of rabies. Not even Reggie Belafonte (the bombastic surfing promoter in the animated 2007 mockumentary Surf's Up) would come close.
  • How many lawsuits are there exactly pending in the courts as play on the claim of Rep. Alan West at that July 4th rally wherein he claimed that State Social Security amounted to a form of peonage as actually stand a chance of being heard (as opposed to such likely to be dismissed as "frivolous, vexatious or otherwise tortious" to the point of wasting court time and resources)?
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