18h UTC; SATURDAY, 20 APRIL 2013: If one needed some explanation of the significance behind the leadoff image today (click on same to see what you get), allow me: Starting in 1933, and for a few years afterwards, Camel cigarettes decided to do a number (as it were) on rival Lucky Strikes and its long-running "It's Toasted" message (howbeit not mentioning them by name) with advertising exposing a number of famous old circus and magic-show routines, and the mechanics behind same that audiences usually didn't see. (The ulterior message: "It's fun to be fooled ... but it's more fun to know.")

Eventually, the Federal Trade Commission was not amused and charged R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., makers of Camels, with a slew of False or Misleading Advertising complaints. In effect, Camels wound up being the bigger fool for (as it were) cutting off its nose to spite another's face. (Remember, reader, that the main patsy Lucky Strike used vis-a-vis their "It's Toasted" message was to suggest that such "toasting" made the tobacco easier on the throat by supposedly removing harmful irritants from the tobacco during the curing process; in reality, however, pretty much every cigarette "toasted" its tobacco beforehand. Now you know.)

With last evening's sunset capture of co-Boston Marathon Bomber
Dzhokar Tsarkaev in the Boston suburb of Watertown (he's currently hospitalised for various wounds and injuries) following an extensive police manhunt as saw his older brother, Tamerlan, dead and forced the Hub City into outright lockdown, closure has been secured on the initial grief and madness ... as well as beginning the search for the "why and wherefore" behind same.

Just don't explain it to the hard-wired Moronic Underworld as slavishly accepts Glenn Beck's interpretation of events as Gospel Truth; Beck used his online television "analysis" yesterday to call on the Obama Administration to say over the weekend that said Unfortunate Events were a Saudi-backed jihadist campaign, never mind the want of factual substantiation endemic to such prolefeeders, under pain of "approriate measures," not otherwise explained. Which, come to think of it, neatly parrots official Russo-Chechen prolefeed tropes suggesting that the Tsarkaev brothers (who, know, were naturalised American citizens) were "set up" by the FBI, Manchurian Candidate-stylee, to carry out such an Infamous Act as killed three and wounded over 170.

(In other words, the Tsarkaevs are supposedly "patsies" for the "real" perpetrators acting under the Obama Administration's paymasters, the actual such eventually given safe passage out of the country and brand-new identities. No doubt fitting well with a few right-leaning prolefeeders' suggesting that the Unfortunate Events were really a "false flag" attack to justify a State of National Psychiatric Emergency targeting especially the so-called "Bible-Believing Christians" of Deeply- and Dearly-Held Beliefs rivalled only by the underlying motivations of apartheid South Africa's enablers.)

Talk about hospitals becoming embarrassed, as if health-care reform's "fallout" wasn't bad enough a trigger of "patriotic" prolefeed reeking of manufactured emo: St. Paul's Regions Hospital has sent Appy Polly Loggies to the parents of two stillborn infants whose corpses were wrapped in linens as were mistakenly included with soiled hospital linens sent to a laundry in Red Wing, about 45 mile south of St. Paul. Afflicted laundry workers as discovered the fetuses with the laundry, in their Luscious Glory of mental and emotional anguish and embarrassment, have been offered psychological counselling, and Regions has announced their taking steps to avoid a future repeat of such Unfortunate Events in their own right.



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