16h UTC; FRIDAY, 18 MAY 2012: While it may be that the lead-off image is that of John Heartfeld (German; 1891-1968) in his typical photo-montage stylee of manipulating anti-Nazi sentiment (howbeit from without), perhaps it was time to get to today's Topics Worth Discussing:
  • Were it not for the fact of an Adult-Oriented Business being involved, imagine the "Tea Party" prolefeed ejaculating in its Luscious Glory over a just-filed lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of zoning laws in East Grand Forks, MN as prompted the closure of the aforementioned adult business; such no doubt being in line with its articles of faith calling for "complete and final regulatory relief" to hasten Economic Recovery and, in its turn, Prosperity for All.
  • There's probably better ways to put your money into "productive ends" than the $38/share IPO of Facebook as is now underway. Especially before the "Tea Party" crowd starts pushing The Patriot Fund in Reddingsdaad stylee, and rather blatantly at that.
  • Spot the censorship doublethink: The public library system in Brevard County, FL may have banned the top-selling "mommyporn" novel Fifty Shades of Gray as "obscene and sexually-explicit," yet keeps on open shelves at some libraries the equally-shocking and lurid Lolita, vintage 1957.
  • So much for the RepubliKKKans' articles of faith about their being the party of Personal Responsibility when they fail to accept onus themselves for the out-of-control National Debt as explains the ongoing ex-lax inside the Beltway as can be quickly exploited by Very Dangerous Elements working as much from within as without.
  • And so much for Rep. Alan West's insisting that the Democratic ranks in Congress are "closet Communists" when it's being suggested that there could be neo-Nazis and Ku Kluxers among the ranks of the National Guard and Reserves, at least in Missouri. (So where's the outrage here, especially as Armed Forces Day in the United States is on the morrow?)
  • No wonder the GOP/"Tea Party" element, in its Luscious Glory of insisting that only private-sector jobs creation will help restore prosperity to Our Dear Lovely Nation ("if only they put reasonable effort into so doing," or so the trope would have it), will stop at nothing towards such ends, never mind their being dubious to the point of illegal all along.
  • Let's "counterfreep" (as it were) this "Conservative Priorities Survey" online, even if it means embarrassing those responsible in the end with the wrong sort of answers (which they deserve in the end; as such insists on an e-mail address in the bargain, may I suggest using a "spam bait" or otherwise disposable such to further embarrass all behind same).
  • Expect this just-issued court ruling to be "more honour'd in the breach than the observance" (as per Shakespeare) pending appeals which may not actually be heard until the courts reconvene in the fall.
  • Win some, lose some: General Motors may have pulled their advertising from Facebook as being "ineffective," but major rival Ford actually manages to do rather well thus. Even as scammers start perverting Pinterest to sneak in links of dubious or questionable value.
  • How much longer before belaguered Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker starts calling on his Great Within to hire low-level "troublemakers" as can be dumb enough to act as "false flag" goons to provoke Extreme Ultraviolence as could disrupt the recall against him, all expected to deny any knowledge thereof in exchange for Redemption for Value?
  • So how do you like this new improved approach?
TT4N, folksies....

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