16h UTC; MONDAY, 1 JULY 2013: First off, to the Canadian reader(s) of this blog, Your Correspondent sends his best wishes from south of the 49th for the Canada Day holiday today.

And as Canada is a bilingual nation, the preceding message will now be repeated in French:

Tout d'abord, pour le lecteur canadien(s) de ce blog, Votre Correspondant envoie ses meilleurs voeux du sud de la 49e à la Fête du Canada aujourd'hui.

Meanwhile, for our friends insisting that AmeriKKKa "needs to be more like China", news that from today, elderly parents can sue their adult children for "emotional distress" if they fail to maintain regular contact with the parental units by personal visits or correspondence, and said children could face fines and/or penal servitude.

Which, in any case, has become its own worst joke, as the BBC explaineth:
Many across China are questioning how the law could be enforced, since it fails to spell out a detailed schedule dictating the frequency with which children should make parental house calls.

"Those who live far away from parents should go home often," it says.

However, that does not mean the law is toothless.

Instead, it serves as an "educational message" to the public, while also serving as a starting point for law suits, explained Zhang Yan Feng, a lawyer with Beijing's King & Capital Law Firm.

"It's hard to put this law into practice, but not impossible," Mr Zhang explained.

"If a case is brought to court on the basis of this law, I think it'll probably end up in a peaceful settlement. But if no settlement is reached, technically speaking, court rulings can force the person to visit home certain times a month.

"If this person disobeys court rulings, he could be fined or detained."
Even so, Weibo, China's "harmonised" version of Twitter, has seen comments such as these from its users taking issue with the new "Elderly Rights Law," as such is officially styled, and the points addressed (via the BBC):
  • "Who doesn't want to visit home often? What is considered 'often'? Who will oversee the process?"
  • "We all know to cherish our elderly parents, but sometimes we are just too busy trying to make a living and the pressure is too much."
  • "It's fine that no-one is paying for us to visit our parents, but is there someone who can give us time off to do it?"
  • "Family bonds should be based on spontaneous emotions.... It's funny to make it part of a law; it's like requiring couples to have a harmonious sex life after marriage."
So whence do you draw the fine line between "educational messages" and statutory law?

Doesn't this call to mind the reaction of certain Elmer Gantryite types over recent days to the two Supreme Court rulings on same-gender relationships about same being "judicial overreach," a "perversion of Natural Law, the Laws of Nature and Nature's God" (perhaps referring to Freya, the Norse goddess thereof, more so than Yahweh), "a slap in the face of Bible-Believing Christians," usw.? (Especially given where, deep in their hearts, this same ilk wants the Presidential role reduced to one of a superdivine "Prophet, Seer and Revelator" supposedly endowed with powers of superdivinity to receive Divine Pronouncements which Congress is expected to blindly rubberstamp its approval, the "actual power" endowed to Yahweh God.)

And sticking with the "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" delusion
for the nonce, how do we know the recent rioting and Extreme Ultraviolence in the Xinjiang Special Autonomous Region vis-a-vis ethnic Uighurs and Han Chinese perhaps sent in wholesale under "resettlement" initiatives packaged as "social betterment" in the Lystenkian stylee, which Beijing officially insists is "terrorism," isn't actually a "false flag" set up by State Security Bureau agents using Han Chinese settlers in the guise of ethnic Uighurs as agents provocateur preparatory to a discreet campaign of gencoide against Ethnic National Minorities (including ethnic Uighurs and Tibetans) as could include perverted "experiments" bordering on the crassly pornographic (cf. numerous examples of Nazi-themed curiosa about supposed "sexual experiments" between Jews and "Aryans" in the extermination camps "to see what would result")?

And the "Wise Use" conservatives must be drooling approvingly in their Luscious Glory of contempt for public transport as one with "social engineering" and "breeding-grounds for Communism" over industrial action being taken against the BART system in the San Francisco Bay Area by the Amalagamated Transit Union demanding pay increases and good-faith bargaining, with commuters normally reliant upon BART being asked to use ridesharing schemes (which may be all the more likely as other Bay Area transit operators, including San Francisco's MUNI and Oakland's AC Transit, are considering joining their BART brethren In Solidarity).

Is it any wonder that "Tea Party," "9/12," "Christian Patriot" and suchlike conservative causes have willfully and consciously contradictory and yet conflicting articles of faith which they insist will Reclaim Thy Dear and Lovely Nation as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations as of Divine Right and Edict--and are willing to employ Any Means Necessary (even through the mental hygiene laws, if required) to "win over the hearts and minds of the masses" towards what may actually be our betrayal to the "New World Order" such as their ilk expects the "REAL AmeriKKKan" to fear and fear constantly, never mind the psychoemotional consequences such as can drive the targeted to the drink?


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