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00h UTC; TUESDAY, 19 FEBRUARY 2013: By now, those of you who rely on Certain Disreputable Prolefeed Conduits for news and information (or reasonable facsimilies thereof) are doubtless aware of the shock death by self-slaughter of country singer Mindy McCready (37), whose body was found on the porch of her rural Arkansas retreat yesterday. Whose own life, despite selling some 3 million albums to her name and credit, was certainly the stuff of supermarket tabloid fodder, and then some, over recent years, which Your Correspondent feels is unworthy of further elaboration lest such be spun all the further out of control.

Which has Your Correspondent wondering if Ms. McCready, who leaves two sons in foster care, may have had a dysfunctional upbringing of the highest order, seeking the Nashville/Branson gravitas as some chance of escape and redemption.

In any event, may Ms. McCready rest in peace.

To have parents expect the vidiot's lamp of Diogenes to act in loco parentis insofar as their children go after school may actually be asking for trouble as could lead to the Development of Criminal Tendencies in later years, especially considering a just-released study in the journal Pediatrics which hath it that preschoolers as watched ultraviolent-heavy kids' shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Power Rangers were more likely to display tendencies towards Imitative Behaviours than such who watched more sensibly educational programming such as Sesame Street or Dora the Explorer; in fact, when parents hit the remote and changed channel to more educational fare, the preschoolers studied saw their behaviours change almost spontaneously.

Which brings up this episode of "Who's the REAL Patriot?": The parents who seriously care about the welfare and development of their children ... or the parents who simply let their children watch what they want to, never mind the consequences likely ensuing? (In fact, one particular daydream I'm known to have involves the rather dysfunctional materfamilias insisting that their kids, after school lets out, not return home until just before dinnertime, but that they should avoid the local Community Centre for fear that those supervising activities there might be Unwitting Pedophiles or Recruiters into Homosexuality, with Clear and Present Moral Lapse ensuing. Which is like asking the kids to go play on the expressway without regard for their safety out of concern for their future sexuality and Respect for Traditional Gender Roles and Identity. And said materfamilias takes extreme pains to insist that such not be known throughout the neighbourhood "lest scandal ensue" as could force the kids' removal into "government dependency" over time.)

You've probably seen at least once that advert for Ally Bank
which shows a blender replacing humans at a dry cleaners' shop, the better to demonstrate that having to "jump through hoops" via automated teleservices in dealing with your bankers when seeking live, "people-centred" assistance may not exactly make sense.

The which, in its turn, calls to mind this English-language sign found in a Hong Kong supermarket: "For your convenience, we recommend courteous, efficient self-service."

In any event, something retailers may want to consider in view of the rise of camera smartfones, QR coding and payment technologies which allow purchases to be charged unto smartfone users' accounts as much as to a linked credit or debit card. Likewise for shoobie-trap promotion boards doing marketing tours at travel shows and shopping malls, who could have a wall o' QR codes for users to scan in requesting information about the several distractions to be featured.

With New York City Mayor Bloomberg pushing a blanket ban on the use of polystyrene foam cups and carryout containers by takeaway and similar restaurants in the interest of the environment, may I be first to call for a return of this particular legend by coffee shops and convenience stores especially when it comes to coffee and tea:

And One Thing More: How do we know that certain overzealously blatant specimens of "Tea Party" and "9-12"-deluded politicos and activists, in their Luscious Glory of seeking to reduce the numbers of such deemed "dependent on government" based on ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe and the implied interconnexion vis-a-vis Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations, aren't themselves secretly looking for ways for to invoke the "economic emergency" patsy to condone various types of illicit chain letters such as "the Five Reports," "mailing-list generators," "elite gifting" and similar euphemistic dysphemisms in Designated Federal Areas?

Or, for that matter, the possibility of neo-Confederate Zealots and True Believers calling upon the so-called "Confederate Southern AmeriKKKan" to "exercise their Natural Right to Self-Determination as an Oppressed National Minority in Danger of Persecution" through reassertion of the sovereign peculiar known as the Confederate States of America?



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