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00h UTC; TUESDAY, 1 JANUARY 2013: As the songwriter reminds us, "Another year over, and a new one's just begun." Make no mistake about it, boys and girls.

And beyond any Reasonable Doubt, The Blog That Am! promises to do its part to contribute to whatever may be occuring throughout with its own unique sui generis of comment and opine coming from One of The People Our Parents Warned Us About, as if thinking we could unwittingly spread "schizophrenic germs" through Teh Innerwebz's influence and power not unlike what the late evangel Oral Roberts claimed about channelling God's Healing Energies through radio (and, later, television) broadcasting waves.

(As if thinking our thus transmitting schizophrenia would translate into far worse consequences than the Spanish Influenza Outbreak of 1918 as sent some 4 million to their deaths globally.)

No doubt inspiring the new marketing campaign for this very blog: "The Blog Our Parents Warned Us About from One of The People Our Parents Warned Us About." (As if there was actually such a thing enough to scare especially those whose mindset towards Teh Innerwebz reeks of superstition easily discredited, such as seems to be prevailing of late in China.)

After all, if ever there was a blog Certain Misguided and Superstitious Elements needed to fear most in this the New Year, it would have to be this one. Even where, despite Reasonable Efforts, it doesn't seem to generate the traffic as would be desired by and large notwithstanding temptation from the likes of such traffic exchange schemes as operate to much the same "cookie-cutter" template.

And besides, just how effective can "long-tail keywords" be as a way to unlock powerful traffic numbers?

Against such a backdrop and scenario, then, Your Correspondent would like to be the first to recommend of you that you consider subscribing to the RSS feed for this blog in one of many fresh and fascinating ways as will be shown you, for starters, by clicking the "Share/Save" button as follows these posts. Among them:
  • E-mail share of articles (taking care to avoid "spamming" and other irresponsible tactics);
  • Receiving these nice fresh posts in your e-mail;
  • Printing out these posts to share in coffee houses and suchlike; and
  • Sharing these across any social-media conduits and channels you subscribe to (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, NewsVine, Fark.com and other less-well-known conduits).
As well, for those of you with smartfones, you can now download The Blog That Am! Mobile App, which includes the RSS feed of these posts and also mobile-optimised versions of Your Correspondent's Twitter presence and this blog's Facebook page, simply by scanning the relevant QR code therefor (depending on whether you have a Java-enabled mobile phone or one using the iPhone/Android platforms) off to the side of this page a little ways down.

Meanwhile, for those of you as ask about how to leave comments for these posts when they're on the main blog page: Owing to a quirk of programming on Yola's part vis-a-vis the blog platform proper, you can leave post-specific comments by clicking on the title of the specific post you wish to comment on, and once that particular post has loaded in the browser, scroll down to the end of the article, where you'll find the Intense Debate-powered comment link (which means you'll need to sign in with Facebook, Twitter, OpenID or Yahoo! to post). Now you know.



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