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17h50 UTC; FRIDAY, 27 JUNE 2014: "Holy Trofim Lystenko!!", as Robin would have exclaimed in the campy TV version of Batman from the mid-1960's: Colombian authorities are at a loss over how to deal with the sexually-randy offspring of the four hippopotami (one male, three females) as were released into the wild after the death by assaination of Colombian drugs lord Pablo Escobar some years back, and which no legitimate zoo or safari park would have accepted because of their ferocity as much as their fecundity.

Especially considering where these Colombian hippos reach sexual maturity at around three years of age, as opposed to the six or seven such of their African kith and kin; perhaps the Colombian climate has something to do with it. The which has left the Colombians in a quandry, what with castration and culling having been ruled out as likely solutions because it would make the situation worse.

(Understand, too, that hippos do the old actu coitus underwater, and the rivers of Colombia seem to afford the ideal conditions therefor. That, and female reproductive cycles tending to the unpredictably irrgular, making them even more irresistable to the males.)

Such is the conservative prolefeeder's xenophobic mindset when their sort come out with all manner of absurd and incredulous delusions about yesterday's USA-Germany World Cup soccer match being willfully timed so as to divert REAL AmeriKKKa's attention from the Real Designs of President Obama to Betray Thy Dear and Lovely Land to the "New World Order" ... that such specimens of Americans who watch soccer are somehow closet Communists or otherwise having divided or questionable loyalties ... or even that the ideal President should be not only White (in particular what the Nazis called "Aryan", as in "non-Jewish Caucasoids of northern European derivation, preferably Nordic), but also a Bible-Believing Christian of the highest order (especially of the sort which apartheid South Africa employed to excuse apartheid) ... and also a hard-wired xenophobe who insists that AmeriKKKa is The World, and vice versa, not unlike the Juche mindset of North Korea.

Staying with North Korea for the moment, their official news agency KCNA is quoting official sources as contending that the upcoming Hollywood release The Interview, whose plot involves two network news reporters sent to North Korea to interview (and then do in) "Supreem Commander" Kim Jong Un, constitutes a Hostile Act Against the Nation, People and Sovereignty of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and its Juche Idea.

Methinks "Groucho War" is a more accurate description; North Korea, as is well-known in intelligence circles, is not only cash short, but its highly-disciplined to the point of fanaticism Korean People's Army relies too heavily on outdated weapons and weaponry, which translates into the risk of heavy losses in combat.

So more conventional models of broadcasting may be on the way out thanks to the increased popularity of mobile telephony and computing ... such being the new thinking of the Canadian Broadcorping Castration, the Great White North's public broadcaster, in the face of funding cuts as are likewise translating into 1,500 employees being given their cards or offered early retirement, suppertime news bulletins at local/regional levels being cut back and internal production of TV and radio programmes being wound up and contracted out.

However, none of its stations are expected to go dark.

In any event, the CBC explains its New Way in this clip from The National, its flagship evening newscast:

So what else is there to discuss as the proverbial Silly Season starts getting under way in earnest?

But then again, in closing this time out, who can remember THESE theme-park mascots (especially so because they probably didn't need any sort of "programme-length commercial" tie-in to get attention ... which, at least IMHO, explains why Your Correspondent finds them so introllesting as well as irresistably kawaii)?

So until next time, folks ... "73"

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