20h01 UTC; FRIDAY, 23 MAY 2014: As America Dear and Lovely prepares to honour our fallen troops this Monday on Memorial Day, boys and girls, a simmering scandal about mismanagement of Veterans' Administration health-care facilities as serve the sick and wounded such seeks to undermine the dignity and solemnity thereof. Especially when you consider that the troops most likely to be afflicted are those who served in the misguided misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan which President Bush the Younger launched as payback (or so he hoped) for the Unfortunate Events of 9/11, unaware that there's a likelihood that same may have been a "false flag" setup by Bush the Younger's Administration to find some way to Betray Thy Dear and Lovely Nation to the "New World Order."

That, and an equally-misguided desire to finance said ur-RAHOWA with ridiculously-low taxes which (in theory, at mininum) would stimulate private-sector jobs (and, in their turn, ekonomesie vryheid) stateside ... unaware that such would eventually have to be paid for by the Good Taxpayers like you and me.

But in Reality, the jobs have failed to materialise as a byproduct of said tax cuts (come to think of it, companies don't consider where to locate their businesses solely on tax rates alone; they have a number of other factors to consider such as quality of public schools, real estate values, quality of life, labout costs, &c., &c.)

So: Blood will certainly be upon the RepubliKKKans in their Luscious Glory of doublethink vis-a-vis their professed support of our veterans while cutting benefits therefor, as if somehow insisting that a people, after the South African expression, need to rescue themselves (howbeit without offering specifics).

In any event, Your Correspondent is electing to take the holiday weekend off
and will hopefully resume these misadventures Tuesday ... and in the sake of "balance and fairness", Fox News Channel notwithstanding:

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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