20h18 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 19 NOVEMBER 2014: Is it just me, or has the current slew of Indecent Sexual Liberties complaint against comedian Bill Cosby (the which, know, have forced Netflix and now NBC to shelve fresh projects so involving) started crossing the line into mass hysterics certain to be exploited by the weird and unwholesome, especially those of the self-appointed Kulturkriegsmensch sort hoping to use such for warped racist ends (especially where the Branson "music shows" come into the equation)?

With Indiana Governor Mike Pence's notion of cutting off aid to the poor being seen as one of "ennobling" such into self-reliance and personal responsibility (and his Wisconsin counterpart of like mind, Scott Walker by name and stylee, suggesting that such denials of aid were The American Way), how do we know RepubliKKKan politicos of this mindset have delusions of grandeur calling to mind the Afrikaner Nationalist concept of Reddingsdaad from the late 1930's, expecting NGO's under State endorsement to channel a supposed Volkseenheid inherent in the REAL AmeriKKKans into a Mission From God (or so it's to be officially promoted) to Rescue Themselves based on the guiding doctrines and disciplines of ons styl ekonomesie vryheid being seen as one of National Cohesion, Unity and Identity?

Talk about "perp walk" being given new meaning, in case you missed it on the news (or even on CBC Radio's As It Happens programme the other night):

(Hopefully, next year, the village in question might want to consider targeting the neo-Nazi Zealots and True Believers with overripe produce. Or even Nickelodeon's Patent Green Slime, with secret ingredients added as can eat away at neo-Nazi uniforms and regalia to outright nakedness.)

As if TLC's recent cancellation of Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo on morals grounds (as in reports that Mama June is associating with a Known Sex Criminal, and that sexual perversion prevailed in the family wholesale), an online petition is now circulating urging the same cable/satellite channel to drop the latest "reality" series from those Fecund For God and Country Duggars, 19 Kids ... and Counting, in response to an ongoing pattern of homophobic and sexist comments from its paterfamilias (even to the extent of invoking Biblical Authority and Justification therefor).

Just give me that old-school Hanna-Barbera for myself....

Finally, has anybody considered just how deep the psychopathia can get among the RepubliKKKans whose agenda and articles of faith will guide the 114th Congress as conveneth in January, as measured by the extent of alcoholism, narcotics dependency, sex mania, gaming addiction or even emotional or psychopathic disorders thus dominant? (The which may require exceptionally close scruitny of their public remarks, including such in the Congressional Record, to discern their likelihood.)

Or what otherwise stands in the way of Real America sounding the old watch-and-ward, fear of facing psychiatric proceedings reeking of $cientologist-model "Fair Game"?

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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