00h UTC; TUESDAY, 16 JULY 2013: Perhaps it was time, readers, to get to what could be considered some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's, for short) vis-a--vis this blog, and Your Correspondent responsible for the same. Even if such doesn't exactly seem to be the case for the moment, what with such not really attracting that viable a level of traffic in all honesty; nonetheless, I suppose you must have some Pressing Questions About This Blog, so I'll go to them right now with no delay whatsoever:
  • Where did you get the name and stylee for this blog? I admit the influence of Irving Belin's "Alexander's Ragtime Band," in particular that bit about "The Band That Am." Now you know.
  • What explains that bit about "A work by its author"? That peculiar, reader, happened to be the author's credit that the late Iraqi Ba'athist majordomo Saddam Hussein used for several stage plays he wrote in the early 2000's as promoted ultra-nationalist and anti-imperialist themes. Your Correspondent, in his musings, stumbled across it one day, and decided to make it part and parcel of his blog's mystique.
  • What are you smorking anyway? I'm not the smorking kind (I admit that it's the Engrish for "smoking," as in the occasional "No Smoking" sign across Japan), but in high school, there were rather stupid attempts to get moi in trouble by planting ersatz "joints" made of pencil-sharpener shavings under my desk (once, a real, lit joint was planted while I was away in the bathroom, taking advantage of a substitute teacher's presence). I do acknowledge taking some medications to control high blood sugar and cholesterol levels, but whether they have any influence on my writings is a moot point.
  • So where do you get the ideas for your blog posts? I like keeping informed on latest developments, by and large, and whatever such comes to my fancy I'll make notes on and try to work it out when I post it in blog form. I, however, try to do it with a little snark and 'tude, occasionally including Afrikaans to make the Christian Right element nervous (especially considering the prospect of their belief-systems perhaps rooted in that which begat apartheid down South Africa way) and increase curiosity value.
    One thing I refuse to fall for are "copy-and-paste" posts which tend to the insincere and lifeless; you can see those posts in a few blogs around Teh Blogospheerez, and can just sense the insincerity dripping therefrom. On the other hand, there may be times when I need to use "copy-and-paste," such as in quoting relevant and worthwhile content.
    (Another interesting aspect of blog preparation: When I actually post these items, I like listening to such online radio stations as Britain Radio 355 and Glam FM, depending on my mood at the moment.)
  • Why is there so much unnecessary advertising in your blog anyway? What is "unnecessary advertising" to one is "courtesy linkbacks" to another; in some instances, as a requsite for having this blog listed in their directories or catalogues free of cost, they require a courtesy linkback on the blog page. In a few other instances, the links involve traffic-building resources I'm using (or trying to) in aid of building traffic and attention, for which I could get traffic if you elect to sign up as a result of so clicking on the link.
  • Why don't you get yourself a REAL job and learn to keep your mouth shut and nose clean for once? I happen to have a history of serious psychoemotional abuse, maltreatment, cruelty and worse going back to my later years in high school as saw me in foster care, such becoming so severe that it's essentially prevented me from holding down more traditional lines of work despite past "reasonable attempts" at work fitness. Which, in its turn, explains my being on disability benefit from Social Security--and, in its turn, explains the Online Mall and the Online Boutique as important adjuncts with an eye to try and supplement my disability benefit. Especially as it's highly unlikely at the moment that I will be coming into significant and measurable money within measurable distance.
    As well, my disability and the abuse which aggravated it makes me all the easier a target for exploitation by "work-from-home" and "work online" scam operatives which promise big-big money "for but nominal time and effort performing simple online tasks;" too often, many who have fallen therefor have actually lost what little savings they had to scam operatives, all the while failing to earn as advertised. Which essentially explains a gross distrust of scams, especially such taking advantage of the vulnerable and easily-influenced needing extra income, but unable to work in the community for reasons not of their making. (Hence, such scams deserve reporting to the apropos consumer-protection channels.)
  • So what explains the rather incomprehensible titles? Your Correspondent, know, is rather fond of the old "Engrish," which involves rather literal translations of Japanese into English--or, more often than not, round-trip translations as go from English to Japanese, then back to English. Which, at times, can get to be rather hilarious considering that such are intended to be of a transient nature, particularly in Japan. TranslationParty.com is my tool of choice for coming up with these titles, which, I acknowledge, are rather irrelevant or otherwise ambiguous vis-a-vis the topics under discussion.
    Put another way, the titling of my blog posts is designed to attract attention and curiosity--or try to.
  • Why am I encountering "pop-up" ads when I visit your blog? That likelihood, reader, is all in your head; on the contrary, I prefer that external links open new browser tabs or windows, the better to make it easier for you to return to my blog after visiting the link. Especially so with the online shopping angle. (And just so you know, Your Correspondent has no control over the content of websites linked to in blog posts.)
Now, I trust these have answered your questions--or have they? (If so, just go to the feedback form towards the bottom of the blog page and get back to me via e-mail. This being a Necessary Evil to avoid unnecessary and yet annoying "spam" e-mail emenating via more traditional e-mail links.)


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