02h UTC; CHRISTMAS DAY 2012: Your Correspondent has decided to take a break from his holiday break (as it were) by announcing his Christmas gift to especially such among you as would be interested in taking this sane overdone experience on Teh Innerwebz mobile (so long as it involves smartphones with Java-enabled, iPhone or Android platforms)--and then some:

As in offering free, ready-to-use mobile apps based on this The Blog That Am! and The Online Mall That Am!, created just Sunday afterlunch and ready to download and install in but minootas. For starters, all you need do is click on the lead-off image, opening to a webpage as allows you to so download and install the apps on your smartphone. (While there, you can learn how to create your very own smartphone apps which can serve as adjunct to your own site or blog, especially where a social media presence can be integrated ... as well as market such unto said page.)

Additionally, for such wanting an easier way to download the apps onto their smartphones (provided such have readers installed vis-a-vis QR codes, which come into play here), there are QR codes ready for the scanning on this page and at the Online Mall for their respective apps, on the sidebar in both instances. (Do note where there are two different such, because there are two different versions of these apps--one for smartphones using a Java-enabled platform, the other for iPhone and Android platforms. Make sure you scan the correct such for your platform, as duly noted.

(Those of you who would like these particular codes e-mailed so they can be printed out for scanning back at home can contact me by e-mail through the feedback form; I'll do my best to respond quickly. And please specify what platform you have on your smartphone.)

And do be sure to tell all your friends about these new and innovative(?) mobile apps (responsibly, remember) through the "Share/Save" button following this post.

In any case, as I said earlier, think of these apps as my Christmas present to all of you readers, especially such as are into smartphone apps fresh and fascinating. Thanks to all of you for your loyalty to this blog, and with the mobile apps, I hope this can get more interesting heading into 2013.

We now return you to your previously-scheduled holiday hiatus....


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