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18h UTC; MONDAY, 3 JUNE 2013: First off, a bit of personal news: My own Motherdear (as turns 92 in a fortnight's time from today) has been discerned as having the early stages of dementia. Which is to be expected at her age and with herself in nursing care, seriously incapacitated in the arms so that she can't write or even do much of anything anymore, and evident when she goes on whining and bawling and complaining about any and every perceived problem as may not be exactly what it is. I can understand having a parent with dementia can be a challenge for anybody, and even more so someone like myself who's long been seen as too much of a "mama's boy."

Now, some nice fresh news for our "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" friends: Some 119 workers died when fire swept through a poultry-processing plant in the northeast of China--Dahui in Jilin province, to be exact; making matters worse, an explosion was said to have occured beforehand, the front security gate of the plant was locked ("to prevent thievery," perhaps?) and the emergency exits (if it could be called those) were not clearly marked or easily accessible (reports suggesting that passageways to the "exits" were narrow, inconvenient and at times blocked).

Among the comments on China's "harmonised" microblog service Weibo vis-a-vis the tragedy included these, as quoted by the BBC:
  • "If mainstream media report this accident at all, it will be about how leaders take this seriously and direct the rescue the work from the scene, and the relatives are calm etc. There won't be a list of the victims, and no-one will be made to account for this, because we want to build a harmonious society, and to achieve this, human life is ignored"
  • [User commenting on a picture of an official bowing in a gesture of sadness]: "So many people have been killed in one fire. If this had happened in other countries, the leaders might cut short a foreign trip, or the prime minister would apologise publicly. Here, more than 100 lives just led to this bow!"
  • "The province should lower national flags. Relevant bosses should be sacked."
Which, in any case, should be enough to ponder whether Our Dear Lovely Nation, in the name of "hastening economic recovery" through private-sector jobs creation By Any Means Necessary, should essentially scrap workplace health and safety protections based on the rationale that meeting production targets trumps workplace health and safety. Made worse by outright corruption and bribery condoning such disregard, even at the planning and construction stages.

Sorry, Michael Savage: Your delusion about "liberalism [as] a mental disorder" didn't make the cut for DSM-V (that's the Fifth Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which came out just last week from the American Psychiatric Association, for the uninitiated), as opposed to "caffeine withdrawal disorder" (characterised in particular by frequent headaches, nervousness and delusion), which does appear.

To watch out for as part of "people-centred economic recovery" campaigns conducted under "Tea Party," "9/12" and "Christian Patriot" auspices on the model of the Afrikaner Ekonomesie Beweldig as begat apartheid South Africa and its byproducts of depravity, hoping to "save REAL AmeriKKKa from itself" according to the principles of 'n Volk red homself as the guiding discipline, itself expecting National Unity and Identity to trump State charity and relief: The prospect of "give-till-it-hurts" appeals for funds in the stylee of certain highly-disreputable pseudoreligious "ministries" some years back as were highly promoted on their weekly TV broadcasts, only to have funds so raised diverted at the last minute to "more pressing needs," not otherwise identified. Replete throughout with potentially tasteless invocation of patriotic symbols and iconography as seeks to exploit the latent (and yet primitive to the point of easily-malleable) patriotism of the "REAL AmeriKKKans" theoretically expected to "benefit" from jobs creation and training "as creates REAL wages, paid in REAL money" by insisting that their contributions unto an ur-Reddingsdaadfond in service to this campaign be looked upon as "doing the People and Nation a favour," especially where bonds or debentures for what turns out being Ponzi games in the guise of "loan trusts" are offered (and without the Common Courtesy of a prospectus being offered, contending that the securities laws are "archaic, outdated and hinders job creation" as written presently).

Even if the Greater Glory throughout of seeking to convert otherwise "idle monies" from the widow's and orphan's mite into "productive capital" through constant and conscious leverage as would help "REAL AmeriKKKa" is well-intentioned throughout, there needs to be clear and transparent checks and balances throughout; Common Courtesy as much as Common Sense insists on it. Even if you insist on "paying dividends in cash and not pious words."

Finally, a Mondegreen Alert: In "Bette Davis' Eyes" by Kim Carnes, the line "And she knows just what it/Takes to make ambrosia"--or is it "...to make a crow blush"?



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