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18h04 UTC; TUESDAY, 22 MAY 2012: So much for conservative Delusions of Grandeur insisting that cost alone needs to matter when it comes to budget and policy decisions (in other words, insisting that only the cheapest option per se matters): IIBC, official policy in certain scions of government now mandates the exercise of "cost-efficiency" when it comes to policy decisions.

Which, simply put, requires asking "Which among the several options before us now would actually return the most to the Good Taxpayers for the least amount of money?" (Which, to the conservative Zealot and True Believer, requires that said return be equivalent to capital stock paying a dividend of at least 3% p.a., never mind that bank deposits are currently attracting less than 1% p.a. That, and insisting that such cost-efficiency be reinforced by "careful scientific testing" which is more than likely to be driven ideologically rather than empirically, with reckless disregard for common sense ensuing.)

With the preceding as backdrop, then, let us ponder the following scenarios for you, reader, to ponder (applying critical thinking skills all the more than doublethink, as conservatives would prefer) which would be the more cost-efficient option (and you know where to share these answers of yours):
  • Self-regulation as per industry-sponsored "good practice codes" which unwittingly condone cartel behaviour ... or State regulatory oversight in the interests of free markets, competition and innovation?
  • Contempt towards lower-income "group areas" (cf. the Party's policies towards the proles of Oceania in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four) ... or policies and initiatives to lift said "group areas," and those therein resident, towards positive socioeconomic self-reliance and empowerment?
  • Regarding as Heroes and Role-Models Worth Study and Emulation such among the Producers who close factories and let go millions of once-proud workers onto the welfare rolls, seeing such as "part of the natural and healthy evolution of AmeriKKKan free enterprise" ... or regarding such who actually show serious regard for their workers, and the welfare thereof, in this respect?
  • Expecting the poor to find work through "work-from-home" and "work online" scams (such being about the only likely job options available) as a "mere formality" for remaining on welfare ... or providing serious and viable jobs opportunities (including training as required) for the Non-Producers?
  • Expecting the masses to "give tlll it hurts" to a "mighty and spontaneous campaign" using trick, deception and fraud to "leverage the otherwise idle savings of the workers into productive capital" unlikely to produce the desired results of entrepeneurialism and jobs creation despite meaning well (and put that down to fraud, waste, mismanagement and overhead) ... or expecting the State to do more to encourage realistic small-business startups and ensuing socioeconomic stimulus?
  • Expecting the workers to "accept greater responsibility for their retirement" when their only knowledge of the equities markets as would be integral to such mindsets is limited to latent anti-Semitic platitudes and canards about "unhealthy and disproportionate Jewish dominance of the economy" ... or actually stregthening the current State Social Security model?
  • Excusing "natural selection" and "natural evolutionary processes" to favour Wall Street over Main Street, the latter essentially being told to embrace "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" concepts rooted in the Afrikaans expression 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself") ... or taking serious steps to help Main Street (and, with it, Real America, unlike the simulation Fox News Channel and Fox Business love packaging under that appellation)?
  • Maintaining a hard-wired complacency in energy policies as are the legacy of the "one-hoss shay" to condone the wasteful, the damaging and the counterproductive ... or embracing the new wave of energy policies as itself embraces sustainability and renewable fuels?
  • Excusing as one with "freedom" transportation policies condoning deferred highway and bridge maintenance and its byproducts of worsened traffic congesion, air pollution, wasted fuel and damage to vehicles over time (with costly repair bills ensuing over time) ... or embracing transportation policies as improve mobility, socioeconomic viability and overall quality of life?
  • Tax policies which, thanks to Grover "AmeriKKKans for Tax Reform" Norquist's insistence on essentially "reducing the size of the [United States] government to the point where we can eventually drown it in the bathtub" (eventually to be followed by the Good AmeriKKKan People and Nation in its Luscious Glory of sackcloth and ashes spontaneously playing the Andrea Yates card of weeping and whining and bawling and wailing and boohoohooing Demonic Possession unto Bog and His Holy Angels, Archangels and Saints in their mercy), risks opening Our Dear Lovely Nation to plunder from the "New World Order" ... or tax policies as expect everyone to pay their fair share of taxation proportionate to income?
  • Social and socioeconomic policies reeking of the worst in totalitarian excess, replete with the crudest of racism, nativism and xenophobic hypernationalism not seen since Nazi Germany or their spiritual cousins in apartheid South Africa ... or policies which recognise, in the words of that anthem of the Disney Parks, that "it's a small world, after all"?
Now ... any more you care to volunteer for possible future continuance of this trope?

Or, for that matter, any comments as are constructive and at once logical-sounding?

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