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00h UTC; SUNDAY, 11 NOVEMBER 2012: As this happens to be Remembrance Day in most of the world (as in marking the end of World War I)--and Veterans' Day in the United States (to honour all who served in all wars), Your Correspondent feels it interesting to note that since World War II, the one kind of letter servicemen on the front lines were afraid of getting from "back home" was the kind whose greeting was the rather stark "Dear John," indicating that something embarrassing or terrifying had happened to her girlfriend back stateside, and that he would do best to find someone new romantically.

Which, in the case of more recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, might have involved e-mail more so than the old reliable letterposts. (Or weren't there all that many "Dear John" e-mails sent to Iraq or Afghanistan, what with concern that the Taleban might intercept and use such for embarrassing propaganda purposes?)

In any event, any of you veterans out there who still have memories of getting a "Dear John" letter or e-mail (especially such of embarrassment, humiliation or frustration) are encouraged to share such in the Comments section.

Meanwhile, if Junyer's been getting visions of old-school straight razors iconfor Christmas thanks to that scene in the just-released James Bond movie Skyfall where Daniel Craig is seen shaving himself with a cutthroat britva, you may want to think twice about it: For one, straight-edge razors are rather expensive (setting one back between US$50 and US$400 a pop), even considering where you have to hone and strop such after each use to maintain their sharpness.

For another, straight-edge razors aren't nicknamed "cutthroat" such for nothing: In the wrong hands, and done recklessly, such razors can actually cut one's throat, the consequences of which are horrible dictu for a family blog.

Just to be on the safe side, especially should Junyer be of the sort Fox News likes to consider as the "REAL AmeriKKKan" who can be easily-manipulated and -influenced, may I suggest playing it safe and getting more conventional blades instead as can make you feel safe about Junyer's acknowledging his masculinity.

Isn't this taking the whole defence of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe a little too far when a money-transfer service such as MoneyGram acknowledges where it was tacitly and knowingly involved in a number of scams between 2004 and 2009 involving wire transfers in their furtherance (among them the "grandparent," "lottery winner," "mystery shopper" and Nigerian such), and was willingly rewarding such agents as were "in on the game" without any corporate oversight?

Yes, that was the case with MoneyGram, which has acknowledged as much in a settlement with the Justice Department under which it will compensate clients thus fleeced into using MoneyGram services in furtherance of illicit or scammy acts, deeds and exploits to the tune of $100 million. Those afflicted can leave contact details by calling 1-877-282-2610 (freecall within the United States only) or (+1) 317-324-0390 (outside the United States).

Jobs Bulletin for such in the "Non-Producer" Classes facing the likelihood of a dunning notice from their Vocational Guidance Counsellor for not finding work or jobs training: It's been estimated that the over-the-road trucking industry in the United States will need at least 135,000 fresh drivers before 2015 thanks to older "Baby Boom"-generation such retiring and selling their rigs ... but professional instruction in this respect is only one-tenth that number for some reason or another.

Such, then, may want to be the kind of job to consider getting into--just as long as you qualify for a Commercial Drivers' Licence (CDL) with approriate endorsements, can pass drug and alcohol testing and can show a willingness to complete professional driver training (provided you know the right schools to go to, which in some cases may qualify for financial help).

In any case, be sure you ask "the right people" (and visit the right websites) about truck-driving positions; you don't want to be taken for a ride wilder than a Wisconsin Dells waterslide at high speed.


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