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18h UTC; FRIDAY, 3 MAY 2013: From the "This is NOT the Good Humor Man of your childhood" department comes word that two rival ice-cream trick operators out of Gloversville, NY have been playing "down-and-dirty" in trying to win over business and custom with recent mild weather up that way--as in parking their trucks in all-too-close proximity to each other and their respective drivers engaging in outright brawls that, in at least one instance, have actually led to police intervening and filing charges.

Not to mention obscenity-laden taunts within earshot of Impressionable Children with pocket money wanting to buy some ice cream or other frozen confection to distract attention from one or the other.

With news that the American unemployment rate had fallen to a seasonally-adjusted 7.5% in April (not to mention some 165,000 private-sector, non-farm jobs having been created), it's inevitable that the conservative prolefeeders will continue insisting that the "official" figures are a sham and manipulated for illusory propaganda purposes from the Obama Administration ... which belies their insistence that the only "pure" brand of socioeconomic recovery they can accept is one founded on the Afrikaner Ekonomesie Beweldig's battle-cry of 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself"), as if expecting Ons, Die Volk alone to "do their part" towards a nil rate of unemployment through ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe exclusively (as if insisting that the private sector alone will spontaneously and magically create jobs of its own accord).

Especially when the motivator is a "spontaneous and at once wholehearted" campaign based on the Afrikaans term Reddingsdaad ("rescue action"), expecting ethno-national cohesion and identity to contribute their otherwise "idle monies" through campaigns reeking of pseudoreligious "ministries" vis-a-vis a spontaneously-created Reddingsdaadfond ("Rescue Action Fund") with some feel-good-stylee name and stylee such as, say, "The Patriot Fund" as would (in theory) leverage the monies thus raised (and pledged, preferably on a steady and continuing basis) into "productive capital" as would (again, in theory) finance "viable" small-business startups as would likewise be invested unto, such investments expected to be converted into shares of a unit trust which "REAL AmeriKKKans" would be expected to invest in "out of patriotic love and duty."

In listening, watching or otherwise reading conservative prolefeed in its Luscious Glory of crudity in service to jingoistic xenophobia and nativism ("AmeriKKKa is the World," as it were), reader, you may want to think about that scene in the modern holiday-season film classic A Christmas Story where Ralphie, having just received his Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder Ring from Ovaltine, can't wait to try it out with his first such end-of-show Secret Message (as delivered by the radio programme's announcer, Pierre Andre) ... and when such is eventually decoded (in the family bathroom, no less, and with his younger brother bawling away outside all the time), it comes out as:


Prompting Ralphie to remark, and incredulously, "'Ovaltine'? 'OVALTINE'?!! ... I just got a crummy commercial!!" (As if he somehow thought that the message was of Earth-Shattering Urgency or Importance, what with the film being set in 1938, itself a rather potent year for earth-changing events such as Hitler's annexing Austria and, via the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia ... Japan engaging in its own Asian misadventures, especially in China ... British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's declaring the Munich Peace Accords as being the vanguard of "peace in our time" ... and, stateside, Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre on the Air scaring the wits of a nation with an all-too-realistic radio adaptation of War of the Worlds on the eve of Hallowe'en.)



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