18h43 UTC; FRIDAY, 14 NOVEMBER 2014: In seeking to "reform" State Social Security, how knoweth we that the Zealots and True Believers thereof aren't really seeking to embrace ons styl ekonomesie vryheid-based concepts as are modelled on the binary, the Fibonacci, the forced-matrix, the pyramid even--all of them known to be Ponzi schemes that these same prolefeeders insist the current State model thereof operateth as?

We'd like to know if the paleoconservative ideal of "helping the poor achieve the American Dream" is actually more along the lines of what Afrikaner Nationalists down South Africa had in the late 1930's were pushing under the banner of 'n volk red homself, holding as it did (and still does, theoretically) that the stimulation and channelling of a Natural and Organic Unity of the People and Nation (Volkseenheid), rather than State charity in its potential for "enslavement," was the Best and Only Hope for Saving the Poor and Dispossessed From Themselves, to be best accomplished by a campaign of Reddingsdaad founded on the doctrine of Helpmekaar, itself expected to leverage the masses' "idle monies" through a "Patriot Fund" of the Reddingsdaadfonds model into "productive capital" expected to (again, theoretically) stimulate job creation and training among the "REAL AmeriKKKans" otherwise at risk of falling into the Moronic Underworld.

The which, clearly, could risk becoming nothing less than a Ponzi scheme without proper oversight, never mind the appeals to God and Country throughout or the targeting of the Moronic Underworld without any clear knowledge of the workings of ekonomesie vryheid van ons styl expected in this line of thought to be their Great White Father. Or the potential for trick and deception being deployed to promote such to the targeted, including subliminal techniques as are known to be deceptive.

Or even that the concept of Helpmekaar, which roughly translates from the Afrrikaans as "helping each other," may actually be interpreted as one with mutual aid or cooperativism. But then again, how exactly would cooperativism be seen as "Communist," "Socialist" or "Fascist" when such calls for pooling of resources and sharing of the profits for the commonweal?

It's one thing to encourage employment of service veterans ... but it can be a whole different matter when it turns out that the vast majority of those who served came from largely lower-income, socioeconomically-depressed and minority-dominant communities with limited educational, employment and career prospects; hence, translating into a scenario where many such who leave the military and return to Civvie Street lack the wherewithal to write an effective curriculum vitæ as translates into serious employment offers, or even know how to sell themselves in a job interview.

The same could be said of the Lower Classes deemed "chronically government-dependent" and, hence, "in need of employment." But isn't it possible that these same specimens of conservative Zealotry and True Belief, and their articles of faith, may have made the situation all the worse with cuts in public-education funding as part of their "starve the beast" Zealotry and True Belief?

Sorry, paleoconservative prolefeeders: It's more than likely that the real trigger of "socioeconomic harm and collapse" you fear will be more like your agenda and articles of faith best encapsulated in the "motto" of the legendary Arkansaw Thomas Cat, a satirically-inclined weekly out of Hot Springs, Arkansas as came out from 1890 until 1929 under direction of Jefferson Davis Orear, as appeared on the cover of every issue--to wit: "God help the rich--the poor can beg."

Besides, we have no clear idea, notwithstanding your belief in  a supposed Natural and Mutual Interconnexion of ons styl ekonomesie vryheid unto Our National and Sovereign Identity as implies that the two need to be seen as one, as to what you would consider an ideal price for benchmark crude oil on the commodities markets (West Texas Intermediate closing yesterday on the NYMEX below $75/bbl.), or even unleaded regular gasoline at the pump (the current national average, per last week's Lundberg Survey, being $2.93/gallon), consistent with such True Belief.

Come to think of it, how do we know your ilk aren't really pushing a super-secretive hybrid of Fascism and Jucheism?

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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