16h16 UTC; SATURDAY, 19 MAY 2012: How about we just get on with the topics to hand today:
  • If your VISA or MasterCard is from certain credit-card issuers as cater to problem credit risks, here's why you may want to check your statement exceptionally scrupulously. (Hint: It involveth Wisconsin's Great Recall.)
  • Talk about Poor Role Models vis-a-vis Indecision 2012: Mitt Romney hath them galore. And he holds them up as Worthy of Study and Emulation vis-a-vis the "natural evolutionary processes" of the greater ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe somehow integral to Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations.
  • Just how exactly does the declining price of gasoline in our "morally-superior" United States (with some suggesting it could reach $3.50/gallon over the summer travel season as starts next weekend) become an Outrage Upon Decency and Common Sense, let alone Imperil Economic Recovery?
  • How do we know Maintaining White, Bible-Believing Christian Power and Dominance isn't the "real" reason certain hyperconservative Zealots and True Believers want "card check" as a formality at the polling stations? (The same could be said to explain the persistence of the "Birther" movement questioning the continued fitness and eligibility for President Barack Obama being on the ballot paper in certain overzealously hard-wired conservative states, Arizona in particular.)
  • Methinks the very name and stylee of "AmeriKKKans for Prosperity" is willfully misleading, and with willful and conscious intent to trick and deceive the masses. The reasons therefor are well-documented.
  • No wonder it's expected to be a long, hot summer--and not just climatologically, know.
  • So where's the outrage among Ons, Die Volk in this particular instance? (After all, as the Cato Institute's so-called "Project on Social Security Choice" puts it rather condescingly, "It's YOUR money! YOUR choices! YOUR future!!" Would it be safe to suggest such is rather juvenile-sounding in tone and nuance?)
  • You may want to be wary of postcard mailings claiming "you've been selected to receive a $100 gift card" for your choice of Target or Walmart, provided you call a freecall number quoted thereon--and are asked to quote your credit or debit card number to "cover processing charges," as essentially negates the "free" offer.
  • Speaking of Walmart, how about turning the tables and challenging other retailers to beat Walmart on their Low Price Guarantee? (Just make sure you bring in their flyer to make it worth your while ... and remember, the challenge must be "apples-to-apples," i.e., exact same brand, packaging and stylees as advertised. And except for New Mexico, retailers reserve the right to limit purchase quantities.)
  • One Thing More: If you're looking for an easier, simpler way for to make smartphone and tablet PC apps worth using. click here and give this a "test drive" for 30 days; hopefully, you'll recognise the ease and simplicity thereof enow to buy it for yourself.
Now ... any questions?

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