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00h UTC; FRIDAY, 1 MARCH 2013: As you're probably aware of by now, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, having resigned the papacy and now in interim seclusion at the papal summer retreat near Castel Gandolfo, is now considered "Pope Emeritus."

The papacy, for the interim, is now officially sede vacante ("see vacant").

And the 114 members of the College of Cardinals who will choose Benedict's successor from and among themselves via the upcoming conclave cum clave ("with key") are now in Rome, having received final instructions from the now-former Pope before he formally took his leave. (Because the number is evenly divisible by three, the winning cardinal needs at least 76 votes, which is two-thirds the total number of participant cardinals, before the proclamation of "Habemus Papam" is issued from that balcony overlooking St. Peter's Square. Voting will take place four times a day, twice in the morning and twice in the afterlunch, until white smoke issues from that famous chimney outside the Sistene Chapel to announce the imminence thereof; otherwise, black smoke will emenate.

(Since 1968, smoke cartridges from the Italian Army have replaced the traditional wet straw burned with the secret ballots to announce the vote having produced no clear winner ... or, burning the ballots singly, having produced the next successor to St. Peter; the better to avoid false positive results. Such was first put to use in 1978, when John Paul I was elected to succeed Paul VI; after his shock demise some 34 days later, such also saw use with the eventual election of John Paul II.)

With the Clear and Present Danger of Sequestration all the more likely from midnight on (as in forced Federal funding cuts to certain non-essential or non-strategic functions in seeking to get a decent Federal budget passed), there can be no doubt about the "Tea Party" element probably drooling and smecking in their Luscious Glory over the prospect of the clear and imminent collapse of the United States Government through bankruptcy, time enough and then some to prepare for their long-sought-for RAHOWA ("RAcial HOly WAr") as would be the Final Reclamation of Our Dear Lovely Nation to the Greater Glory of Yahweh God and Jesus Christ, thereby claiming out of abeyance apartheid South Africa's title and mantle of "God's Own Country," with no law or constitution except that deemed to be Biblically-Ordained--howbeit via Al Cohol more than likely.

As well, expect terrorists and other weird and unwholesome elements, both from within and from without, to see opportunity (or try to) in exploiting the situation towards carrying forth a Notorious Terrorist Attack with the fox at the henhouse gate, so to speak, what with Sequestration likely affecting military readiness and police response.

Another Unlikely Casualty of Sequestration: Funding for welfare-to-work schemes in the several states serving "Tea Party" articles of faith as seek to "completely and finally" reduce the numbers of such deemed "dependent upon government," consistent with that article of faith founded in the Afrikaans battle-cry of the Reddingsdaadbond, 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself"). Which, more than likely, would involve "cooperation" with Walmart to (perhaps coercively) fill all manner of positions with notoriously high turnover rates, especially on the owl (i.e., overnight) shift--and at pay rates which are just as notoriously low, as if to keep them "dependent upon government" all the more, even with more normal employers offering shift differentials which usually translates into higher pay rates for owl-shift workers than those on the day shift.

Not at all bad, especially if welfare clients under instructions to find work are required as a condition of welfare eligibility to accept the first offer of work they receive without question or reservation. And even more so if the supervisor is a sadisto of the Simon Legree model, or close to it.

So much for "reducing the numbers of those dependent upon government," and even more so while resorting to vague and non-specific generalities about how best to so achieve.

Further examples of how not to use 911: Out in North Adams, MA, a nine-year-old boy who tried using 911 to avoid an 8 pm bedtime instead got a talk from a beat officer at his house explaining proper protocol for using 911 in future.

And in New Castle, IN, a 46-year-old man with an extended record of Public Intoxication charges faces Misuse of 911 such after nine such calls requesting that a cheeseburger be delivered to his residence haste posthaste.



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