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00h11 UTC; SATURDAY, 7 JUNE 2014: There seems to be this habit of Your Correspondent from time to time which involves his suggesting that recent Unfortunate Events of one sort or another may be Divine Wrath and Judgment upon the targeted region for, say, continuing to maintain hard-wired and outdated beliefs in the discredited or even the politically-incorrect (e.g., suggesting that especially devastating storms in the Former Confederacy are Divine Wrath and Judgment thereon for the RepubliKKKan Party's "Southern Strategy" of race-baiting and pandering to "poor whiteism" as goes back to the Nixon campaign in 1968).

The inspiration therefor being Westboro Baptist Church's rather noisome trope suggesting that high numbers of casualties in recent Unfortunate Events or even soldiers' deaths in the Iraq/Afghanistan ur-RAHOWA Against International Terrorism are Divine Judgment Upon Thy Dear and Lovely Land for condoning homosexuality--and it's a parody of the concept.

The which started following rather severe flooding in these parts in August 2007 following extended heavy rains; Mein Innkeeper Friend, when hearing about Westboro's imprecating the recent I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis upon Minnesotan acceptance of homosexuality against Divine Will and Majesty, wondered if the flooding at the time may have been Divine Wrath and Judgment itself upon this general area of Southeast Minnesota and Western Wisconsin for being something of a bastion of uber-conservative, Christian Right-tending even, thought--especially so in the country areas rife with limited socioeconomic prospects locally.

And it seems to have stuck since then.

Think of it, in essence, as a joke at Westboro Baptist's expense. And, in a way, such on the Exteem Christian Right who fail to accept progress and want to drag AmeriKKKa to the model of apartheid South Africa.

"What will happen NEXT?!"
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