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18h UTC; SATURDAY, 4 MAY 2013: Could HLN be worthy of an outright boycott and advertiser "name-and-shame" campaign as they, in their Luscious Glory of Unhealthy, Over-the-Top Sensationalism of Otherwise Obscure and Local Murder Cases, segue from that of Jodi Arias (as is now before the jury therefor) to that of George Zimmerman within measurable distance (and likely continuing over the summer)?

Not exactly Camp Minimon, pee and em: Some Primitive Christians, as part of their teachings condoning "Christian" homophobia as one with Christian Love, have started camps to promote "healthy and proper gender role identity and consciousness" as one with "preempting homosexual tendencies" and "promoting respect for proper Christian values" including Traditional Gender Roles and Behaviours in service to God, Country and Race--even to the point of conflating Race Identity as one with National Identity, a la apartheid South Africa in her Luscious Glory.

Unfortunately, at one such camp in South Africa, two of the counsellors there face murder charges as part of the "reeducational" process, based as it is on Aversion Therapy (a discredited psychotherapeutic technique as suggests that the epicene can be made "straight"--i.e., heterosexual--through Pavlovian conditioning combined with the Faith of Our Fathers, Holy Faith).

Such will want to be worth avoiding if you value your children's future.

Could it be that Glenn Beck and Alex Jones must have friends and drookies in Chechnya, what with posters appearing all over the Russian quasi-republic pushing the trope that Dzhokar Tsarnayev, the sole suspect in last month's Unfortunate Events at the Boston Marathon, is actually a "patsy" of the United States Government, who set up same as a "false flag" attack to excuse Inquisition-stylee campaigns against "Bible-Believing Christians" (and calling for online donations towards Tsarnayev's medical expenses and legal defence fund as one with Chechen Patriot Love)?

Unfortunately, The Oxycontin Boar has no grasp of Reality--specifically, the fact of activist "name-and-shame" campaigns calling out advertisers on his nationally-syndicated radio hatefest, in their turn translating into wholesale advertiser defections therefrom, translating into serious first-quarter losses for Clear Channel Communications, whose Premiere Radio Networks unit syndicates the programme in question to some 600 stations nationwide (many such in rural, "REAL AmeriKKKan" communities cherished deeply and dearly by conservative prolefeeders of his ilk, the sort whose minds can be easily manipulated and controlled to serve as parrots for their prolefeed agenda).

(More specifically, Clear Channel reported after the closing bell in Wall Street last Thursday first-quarter losses of US$203 million cf. losses of US$146 million for the same time last year. Worse yet, Clear Channel's securitised debt is valued at US$20.74 million, most of it coming due in 2016--which, ironically, is when Premiere's current contract with The Oxycontin Boar expireth.)

Which will leave Clear Channel, in the face of being reduced to Carey Street, caught beween Scylla and Charbydis vis-a-vis having to find ways to cut their losses, all the while insisting that said Oxycontin Boar is their "jewel in the crown," so to speak (including the likelihood that Clear Channel may be left with no option but to buy down The Oxycontin Boar's contract, with his attempting Defiance of its implications--such likely being preempted by WABC New York, whence his prolefeed exercises emenate five days a week, changing the locks or otherwise revoking his card-key access to his studio).

Finally, for our "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" fans, may I suggest their reading and/or otherwise listening to an otherwise informative five-part series as aired on the public radio magazine show The World this past week entitled "China Past Due"; same discussed five areas of particular concern that the Chinese Government and its Communist Party needed to reappraise or otherwise scrap if it expects to be more fully reckoned with in the world--viz., the "one child" policy, the hukou (residency permit) system, land rights, political and socioeconomic reforms--as well as ongoing resistance among the "powers that be" in Tiananmen towards fundamental change all along.



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