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00h UTC; SATURDAY, 9 FEBRUARY 2013: Your Correspondent feels compelled, and then some, to devote this particular post to "setting the record straight" about the particular emphasis on this very blog page within the context of the broader website vis-a-vis use of schemes like LinkReferral.com in hopes of building up traffic as much as attention for this somewhat snarky little Blog Our Parents WARNED(!!) Us About, as it were.

Some of the reviews received in LinkReferral for this blog take issue with the notions that:
  1. this particular page "takes forever to load," and
  2. that it might be better to break down the site into separate, easily-digested (as it were) pages to speed download time.
As for the first issue, reader, perhaps the problem may lie inside of your computer: Not having the hard drive cleaned up regularly (as well as defragmented, even) can make download times all the slower. That, and the general speed of your interconnexion to Teh Innerwebz. So might I suggest considering giving the hard drive a cleanup of all manner of bloatware, outdated web files, temporary files vis-a-vis downloads and updates and past browser activity from time to time; such will doubtless do wonders for download speed being all the more improved.

Likewise with an occasional defragmentation of the hard drive, to better "harmonise" (as it were) programmes as are on your hard drive already and allow for their running faster.

As for the very notion that "breaking up this page into easier-to-digest sections" might help improve download speed: Such, for one, probably relates to the first point at issue. And for another, such is the whole point of the greater blogging experience, even if I feature the five latest posts on the main blog page of my site at any one time. (By clicking on individual post titles, which you can always do, you can view each separately and in its own right.)

Too, there is also the necessity in some instances of "courtesy linkbacks" for being listed in some online web directories on a "free-no-cost" basis ... as well as other, howbeit again "free-no-cost" for the most part, ways to advertise this blog through link swapping (as in AdLeaf.com, FreeAdExchange.net and BlogLinker.com, in case you're looking for fresh ideas for to advertise your site or blog).

And, in (howbeit vainglorious to the moment) seeking to supplement what limited income generated from disability benefits, Your Correspondent also happens to have an Online Mall on this site, the which should offer you with anything and everything you may need or require--especially should it so happen that you've got online shopping to do as just came across your mind, and can't wait to get it out of the way.

In any event, reader, I hope I have laid to rest any concerns you may have had inside of you about this weblog; still, though, should you still have questions or concerns, please to get back to me through the Feedback Form towards the bottom of this or any other blog-related page; a Necessary Evil, I acknowledge, to avoid attracting "spammers" exploiting more traditional e-mail links in websites. (Or do you happen to have any concerns, having managed to read this far?)



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