18h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 7 AUGUST 2013: Could the message implied in the lead-off image be an expression of the letter, if not so much the spirit, of this somewhat snarky blog and the comments therein made, especially such as target the Zealots and True Believers in a warped, perverto, jingoistic even, delusion of conservatism as insists on "prosperity through austerity" in the name of Thy Dear and Lovely Nation?

Meanwhile, talk about the company you keep when it comes to conservative prolefeeders and the sponsor/partner associations they have with businesses tending to weird and/or unwholesome models as target especially the vulnerable, the ignorant and the easily-manipulate. In particular Stansberry & Associates, a Baltimore-based "investment advisory" firm and the Nashville-based Power4Patriots.com, which sells worthless solar-energy conversion "informational reports."

Both of whom love to take advantage of the "Tea Party," "9/12" and "Christian Patriot" crowds in their Luscious Glory of race honour excusing their fear and loathing for President Obama, much of it based on "race honour" as would have been right at home back in apartheid South Africa (and whose flame is feebly being kept alight in Die Volkstaat Orania in the Northern Cape and its supporters in and among Unreconstructed Afrikanerdom as must have much in common with the aforementioned subpopulations of "poor whiteism" in the United States ideologically).

Besides, Stansberry & Associates has a rap sheet with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) going back to when they went under the name and stylee of "The Pirate Investor," for pushing what turned out being grossly inaccurate stock tips for which most of those falling therefor wound up losing money within hours of its publication. As well, they now face beefs with the Social Security Administration for having supposed "information" about "weird tricks" that could mean $1,000/month extra to one's Social Security cheques (or so claimed) ... and with the FDIC for claiming to have "the Five Magic Words to ask your bankers" as would entitle you to free silver coin, no questions asked. Both, in any event, come-ons to sell "investment newsletters" of dubious merit, sometimes through "borrowing" the e-mail lists of conservative prolefeed conduits such as Fox Business, Newsmax, WorldNetDaily, CBN/The 700 Club, CNSNews.com, Michael Savage, Alex Jones/Infowars, OneNewsNow, &c., &c., and passing it off as their own.

As if insisting that the Lower Classes need to keep finding work, knowing (un)consciously that employers have become all the more selective in who they want to hire (especially considering where many of the targeted lack relevant job skills, let alone the will and desire to work), how do we know where "Tea Party" and suchlike types, in their desire to "put the welfare basket cases to work," aren't really behind dubious "payment processor" and "reshipper" homework scams making the rounds of late? Or, for that matter, various "Five Reports"-type chain letter scams as could make the rounds again soon?

(Come to think of it: Your Correspondent, if only to show just how much of a farce the whole concept of "Five Reports" homework scams are, would love to hear on the news about someone falling for such to take all the more advantage of the Master Reseller Rights therein contained, thus allowing those involved to revise same as they may think proper--revising such into Engrish, the better so those responding get caught in Pantsdown Parade [as it were] trying to make head or tails of what's really being suggested, given that Engrish unintentionally has comedic value.)


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