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19h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 12 FEBRUARY 2014: Your Correspondent can't help but recall something he read a few years back about this after-school kids' show host on Chicago's channel 7 (originally WBKB-TV; now WLS-TV) in the mid-1950's-mid-1960's period (and which some of you Chicagoland readers can identify with) who was perennially urging his audience to pester (and glowingly, it seemed) their parents into taking them to Riverview Amusement Park at Belmont and Western sometime over the summer and take in their several distractions--especially so their Bobs rollercoaster after it was rebuilt into the Fireball in 1959, their Shoot-the-Chutes, &c., &c. (Yet, privately, admitted a great dislike for the place, which closed at the end of the 1967 season--not because of increased crime and racial tension, as was officially claimed, but because of rising land and property values making the site especially attractive to developers.)

Why would I bring up the preceding? you may be asking at this point.

Simple: Conservative prolefeeders of the most basic sort seem to have this notion about their being the Voice and Conscience of what they hold to be the "REAL AmeriKKKa"--a largely "poor white," rural, ignorant, jingoistic, Bible-Believing Christian most hard-wired even--and the "values" they're presumed to represent. Values their prolefeed insists will be the Last and Greatest Hope for the Luscious Glory of Thy Dear and Lovely Nation as Prophesied and Ordained by God (or so their prolefeed insists on claiming), preferably through the agency of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe seen as an Agent of National Unity, Cohesion and Identity ... not to mention its supposedly mystic interconnexion to AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations as of Divine Will and Endowment.

Not to mention insisting that "REAL" socioeconomic recovery needs to be "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" (after the 1930's slogan of South African life insurer Sanlam), with ekonomesie vryheid, &c., being seen as the ur-Great White Father Most Ennobling.

Unfortunately, though, how do we know these same prolefeeders aren't themselves privately loathing the whole notion all along, as well as privately thinking that its target audience of the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKans" are but suckers whose crude and simple patriotism, made even more so by their abject ignorance, can be easily manipulated to the extent necessary if and when required by such prolefeed conduits?

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!


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