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16h55 UTC; TUESDAY, 6 DECEMBER 2011: Kudos to the good people at Care2 for calling Your Correspondent's notice and attention to the preceding as leads off today's post, which ought be pondered as well among you readers still considering Walmart for your holiday shopping requirements. The which, in any event, may be enough to consider moving said holiday purchasing to the Online Mall of this blog, which at least has some better selection for your consideration. (And pledges to donate 9.11% of the commission Your Correspondent collects on your purchases as commission towards reducing the American National Debt, among Other Good and Worthy Causes.)


So much for that Grand Delusion Fox News Channel persists in holding about being the Voice and Conscience of the "REAL AmeriKKKa" whose supposed "values" and "ideals" conservative prolefeed insists will Reclaim The AmeriKKKa We Love Deeply and Dearly From Itself (to paraphrase the current campaign meme from GOP Presidential wannabe Newt Gingrich): Mein Innkeeper Friend can regale you(!!) with tales of his growing up in a rather smallish community in southeastern Minnesota (the name of which I cannot reveal) surrounded by what amounted to a significant and measurable populace of dysfunctional "basket cases" guaranteed to make the old Wisconsin Death Trip look like some Wisconsin Dells waterpark resort for the sake of comparison.

Said dysfunctionalism manifested in wholesale cases of alcoholism, inability to find work, spousal/child abuse and/or neglect and farms going to seed with livestock not being fed properly, crops being mostly weeds and the farm equipment not working half the time.

And there's plenty of volumes of such dysfunctionalism galore to be found across this dystopic Arcadia such as Fox News slavishly drools over with reckless disregard for Reality.


There was a time years ago when many a roadside diner would routinely offer up "blue plate specials" over the dinner hour to serve up starchy, nutritionally-incorrect dishes on the cheap with a mininum of mess.

The which I bring up in the wake of a suggestion by a Houston nutritionist for a TV station there who thinks that those who are served dishes on tableware matching the colour of the dish being served are all the more likely to overeat than such whose dishes are served on patterned dinnerware, or such where the colours clash; her research finds blue to be the least attractive colour for overeating among such who need to watch what they eat.


Speaking of food, immigrants settling in Gatineau, Quebec (CDN) are being advised by the local council, in partnership with immigrant-aid societies, that such should refrain from overdoing it on cooking "smelly food," disregarding personal hygiene and child abuse, among other taboos seen as inconsistent with the Canadian culture and experience.

Such is to be seen more along the lines of "guidance notes" rather than out-and-out local bylaws.


No wonder the Zealots and True Believers in an idealised delusion of Amerikanischer Realkultur want all the more to use Branson's "music shows" in their Luscious Glory of political incorrectness packaged as "nutritious patriotism" (as Cal Thomas once put it in a somewhat hagiographic portrait thereof) as the acid test for a defining standard thereof: You may have heard where Fox News, among other conservative prolefeed conduits, is taking The Muppets to task for "indoctrinating children" against capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics as somehow being essential and integral to Our National and Sovereign Identity, Antient and Peculiar, not to mention the subtle implication that the two concepts are mutually interconnected and interlocking for the sake of common defence and identity.

With that in mind, perhaps we should watch for the likelihood of Newt Gingrich's Presidential campaign deploying in campaign adverts the most discreet of subliminal techniques to make him and/or his message more attractive among the Right-Thinking Masses of Our Dear Beloved Land and Nation, never mind that such are deemed to be misleading and against public interest by their being perceived on a subconscious level.


In what may be a last gasp for reclaiming Luscious Glory in service to Indecision 2012, expect the faltering "Tea Party" element to push for a super-secretive confab in the vein of the Afrikaner Broederbond-sponsored Ekonomiese Volkskongres ("People's Economic Congress") as was held at Bloemfontein in late 1938 to address the evils of Poor Whiteism and the Afrikaner, and to promote socioeconomic proposals to help the Afrikaner help himself towards the Greater Luscious Glory of an Afrikaner State Guided by the Hand of G-d.

Which, as it turned out, was stacked from the start by such excusing socioeconomic inequality under the guise of Volkskapitalisme ("people's capitalism") to be financed through "spontaneous and voluntary subscriptions" into Reddingsdaadfonds ("mutual self-help funds") modelled on the Nazi regime's annual Winterhilfe appeals as would (in theory) provide start-up capital to encourage the development of Afrikaner-controlled business and industry which (again, in theory) would create Afrikaner jobs, payrolls, purchasing power, and so on, and so on, from everlasting to everlasting. Which, when all was said and done, would be managed through trust funds managed by Sanlam, a traditionally Afrikaner-centrist life insurer with Broederbond connexions, viz.:
  • Federale Volksbeleggings (literally, "Federal People's Investments"), established in 1940; and
  • Bonuskor, established in 1949 to encourage Sanlam policyholders to "do the Volk and nation a favour," as it were, by transferring any rights to bonuses on their policies thus; again, with an eye to encourage development of Afrikaner business and industry.
(The stated desire all along being one of replacing the "pious sentiment" of welfare and charity with "jingling coin" of profit, wages and purchasing power.)


With the Christmas/New Year's schools break coming up, perhaps it will be interesting to see just how many parents go so far as to ask their children out of the house after breakfast, not to return until supper time, in the interest of "making wise use of their time" so as to "avoid driving them [the parents] into risk of a nervous breakdown" by their "idleness" around the house watching TV, playing video games or surfing Teh Innerwebz (in effect, asking the kids to "get lost"). Reinforced throughout with carefully-scripted patsies to (in theory) avoid "attracting the suspicions" of police, security officers or even store clerks as may start asking questions (especially if the parents are of the sort as are paranoid about Community Youth Centers being supervised by "weirdo types," to use a common code word for pedophiles).

I mention this because such a mindset is sure to draw to mind memories of the tragedy as befell the Glen Cinema in Paisley, Scotland on New Year's Eve 1929, revolving as it did around a special penny matinee that many families from the poorer elements saw as a cheap and convenient way to get the kids out of the house so they could prepare for the Hogmanay festivities that evening without disruption ... only to turn into tragedy when smoke coming from the projection booth (itself caused by a reel of film which had begun smouldering in the rewind room) triggered a panic and cries of "Fire!!" in the auditorium; in the mad dash for the exits, many of the crowd would be trampled underfoot, with 70 casualties in the end, all buried in a mass grave at Paisley's Hawkhead Cemetery. Subsequent investigation revealed the aggravating circumstances to be a short circuit caused by a metal can of film being put atop a battery in the rewind room, with limited numbers of exits, equally limited attendants and overcrowding making matters worse; in fact, the manager acknowledged in the subsequent inquest that a pair of gates were sometimes kept padlocked to prevent children getting in without paying admission, notwithstanding regulations that such be kept unlocked during matinees.


Tell me this isn't the most interesting advert on the vidiot's lamp: One for Neutrogena T-Gel Shampoo done up in the stylee of an old-school video game which has a bottle of ordinary dandruff shampoo being unable to blast away at the word "DANDRUFF" at the top of the screen ... only to have a bottle of T-Gel blast dandruff away on the first try. The narration is a bit on the stentorian, but then again ...

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