18h UTC; SUNDAY, 15 SEPTEMBER 2013: On an otherwise slow Sunday in the Minnwissippi region made all the more so by rain (both having occured and imminent) in the forecast--and a badly-needed sort of rain, at that--Your Correspondent feels it worthwhile to take a moment to explain the "why and wherefore" behind his somewhat primitive and unscientific approach of using the old reliable letterposts (direct mail, as it were) in promoting this very blog.

The main reason therefor, understandably, is that "spamming" (unsolicited bulk e-mail) is unacceptable and unethical as a weblog marketing medium. Not to mention contrary to the Terms of Service of practically every last ISP, every last online e-mail host, every last online website hosting service, under pain of having your Innerwebz access revoked, your e-mail accounts likewise and your websites taken down, notwithstanding such who use highly-euphemistic nuance such as "bulk e-mail marketing" to gild the lily, as it were, and make such look kosher, halal even (as Snagglepuss would've phrased it).

As for the very notion of "bulk e-mail marketing" (read: spamming) as "the most effective way to build your online business," such doesn't consider the wasted time and resources of rank-and-file e-mail users just trying to sort through the "spam" and delete it, let alone the waste of bandwidth trying to blast such wasteful marketing resources to people who aren't really interested (notwithstanding such insisting that "bulk e-mail marketing" "generates a fresher response, a timelier response" to online offers than more conventional media, absent credible, peer-reviewed even, studies to support this contention).

As for still another reason, Your Correspondent lacks the resources to make a viable "bulk e-mail marketing" campaign work (as opposed to a nascent Yahoo! Groups e-mail list vis-a-vis this very blog that he's still hoping to launch if and when sufficient interest is shown to make same viable, which would offer what amounts to "insider" details and links to recent blog posts), trying to figure out all along not getting caught. Ergo, recourse to the old reliable letterposts of the United States Postal Service at the prevailing letterpost rate, targeting for the most part independent (as opposed to chain-affiliated) hosteleries the world over.

It just seems as if I can't help myself targeting hosteleries (especially hotels and motels) for my low-skill bulk e-mail marketing endeavours as may or may not amount to much of anything, let alone such being consigned to the recycling bin as opposed to the office bulletin board in full view of intending or actual guests (replete with QR coding, as can also be found in the sidebar of this blog page). Even if it means throwing in a plug for my Online Mall and my Zazzle-powered e-boutique, hoping where at least the former should supply the targeted with anything and everything they may need or require. (If I may at this time, I should also call to their attention checking out this link in case they want to "go ecological" for their properties when it comes to innkeepers' supplies or requisites.)

And in any event, a reminder that 9.11% of my take from your online purchases--know, this applies to all readers of this blog who actually manage to do some online shopping through my aforementioned conduits in this regard--will go towards reducing the American National Debt (as if you needed a reason for doing any online shopping in the first place); this Your Correspondent decided on as a Targeted Good Cause out of protest at continued Congressional ex-lax and unease over the National Debt, what with the GOP especially being ideologically handcuffed by flawed ideology insisting that low tax rates will magically translate into private-sector jobs creation, in its turn ensuring Prosperity for All ... as well as "social stability and order" inasmuch as everybody would theoretically be working, theoretically eliminating "hooliganism" and "social parasitism".

(Oh, and did I mention that the Postal Service needs the work in principio, as if to appease conservative articles of faith insisting on a nil rate of unemployment? But don't get me started on the latent insistence some of you might have about my "creating a needless and unnecessary burden of added work" for Postal Service carriers, clerks, sorters, and others entrusted with handling and transport of mails at all stages of the postal delivery chain.)

Meanwhile, getting down to business, Meneer Businessman (paraphrasing the songwriter there), in case you're considering a snappy new business name/stylee, a fresh and fascinating logotype for your business enterprise (especially when reinforced by the Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat, the Human Drama of Logographic Design Competition--Appy Polly Loggies to Jim McKay's famously stentorian intro to ABC's Wide World of Sports there, folks) and/or ecologically fresh office supplies and requisites, please to click on the relevant link(s) as you feel fit and proper under the circumstances. And remember, as noted earlier, 9.11% of my share of the commission I generate goes towards reducing the American National Debt.


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