18h UTC; FRIDAY, 6 SEPTEMBER 2013: So what exactly IS there to write about this go-round after you had a nice luncheon with a much-loved sister up to see our common mother, who herself is in a nursing home experiencing short-term memory loss and confusion, not to mention the inability to use her arms much these days?

For one, the fact of the Minnesota State Fair's attendance recovering somewhat during its last two days of run after wilting substantially in its first week because of warm, muggy weather: Last Sunday, in fact, saw a new single-day attendance record for The Great Minnesota Get-Together (236,197 to be exact) ... not to mention a new closing-day attendance record on Monday (164,277 to be exact); both, doubtless, helped by cooler and milder weather over the latter part of the Labour Day long weekend.

And when it was all over, final calculations showed the overall attendance for TGMnGT 2013 to be 1,731,162 visitors overall, or 59,335 shy of the all-time record from 2009 of 1,790,497 visitors--a difference of but 4,945/day. Which translates to an average of 144,264/day over its 12-day run.

(In any case, save the dates of 21 August-1 September 2014 for the next such edition of TGMnGT.)

For another, something those who remember certain furry and fun-loving Trolls from the pre-Six Flags incarnation of Magic Mountain in the Santa Clarita Valley north of Los Angeles will love: Videlicet, their very own Facebook group (just launched by Your Correspondent, know) for such not ashamed to see themselves as Honorary Magic Mountain Trolls all this time, or are just rather fond of said fun-lovers enow to imagine fanfics about their post-Magic Mountain lives and careers (and possible kin, besides).

For still another, those who can't seem to let summer go down Wisconsin Dells way having that one last chance with their Wo-Zha-Wa Fall Festival next weekend there, perhaps considered summer's last big fling in the Waterpark Capital of the World before segueing to fall colours. What motel rooms there are that weekend do fill up rather quickly that weekend, so if you haven't booked your rooms there just yet, you may be out of luck.

And could the occurence of "flash drought" conditions in western and southern Wisconsin over recent days, perhaps, be a sign of His Divine Unease over Governor Scott Walker's rather asinine explanations about the failings of his Delusion of Grandeur seeking a mininum of 250,000 private-sector jobs created spontaneously and solely out of the goodness of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe during his gubenetorial tenure (in particular that which blames the Syrian unrest therefor)?

And One Thing More: "Money is the root of all evil." Why not help reduce the National Debt of the United States for once, and give the "Tea Party" and their ideological ilk a hard time?


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