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00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 22 JANUARY 2013: So much for that "dying girlfriend" of Notre Dame quarterback Manti Te'o as gripped the prolefeed distractive headlines for awhile there, only to be revealed as an online legpull at his expense via third parties: "Tea Party" types in particular would love nothing more than to trot out "actual small business owners" (read: carefully-scripted and -coached actors) claiming all manner of "undue, unnecessary and outdated regulatory burden" prevents their being able to create the jobs they'd otherwise love to make available ... and the "examples" cited are probably taken out of context, non-existant or otherwise prolefeed fiction designed for "winning hearts and minds" of the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKa" who, for all we know, probably lack realistic and yet marketable job skills in the first place.

Such officially excused by conservative prolefeeders as "the fault of public education" and its "reckless and utter disregard for True Patriot Love and the Biblical Values as shape such" ... which, methinks, is probably code for a climate of "poor whiteism" seen as one with "traditional folkways" common thereto.

Meanwhile, Michigan's Act 10, otherwise known as the Emergency Manager Law, allowing the State of Michigan to arbitrarily assign dictatorial powers through an "Emergency Manager" to such cities deemed to be "culturally and socioeconomically depraved" (and perhaps arbitrarily more than anything)--how do we know such isn't but the first step towards "reorganisation" as Limited Liability Companies incorporated in the State of Delaware ("for tax reasons," we're told), to be followed by share offerings on the OTC Bulletin Board or the Pink Sheets? (Especially when underwritten by the worst possible sort of brokerage-houses as have obvious political interconnexions, calling to mind apartheid South Africa's "pro-business" policies being cover for a crony capitalism exploiting the "natural synergies" between the Afrikaner Broederbond, Sanlam [as managed the FVB and Bonuskor investment funds seen as the fountainhead of Volkskapitalisme "saving the Afrikaner from further harm"] and Volkskas.)

It's well known that Such of a Certain (howbeit Low) Class over in England's Green and Pleasant Land, in the day, were particularly fond of a rather strong-tasting cigarette known as Wills' Wild Woodbine, which sold in packets of 10 for 1d--thus making them attractive to the Alf Garnett set, a lower-working-class conservative with strong jingoistic views and mindsets who would have preferred listening to Radio Luxembourg over the "elitist rubbish" on the BBC and reading the Daily Mail and/or News of the World by and large.

Which has Your Correspondent wondering what would be the cigarette of choice among "REAL AmeriKKKans," as idealised by conservative prolefeeders, choosing to smork. (Some likely candidates: GPC, USA, Worth and Marlboro.) You know where to leave the comments.



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