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14h17 UTC; SUNDAY, 18 MARCH 2012: Talk about potentially deceptive marketing and branding of a sort as would raise questions under the Lanham Act in more normal circumstances: Consider for the nonce, reader, the name and stylee of the SuperPAC acting for and on behalf of Newt Gingrich's highly-delusory Presidential bid, "Winning Our Future."

Which, to Your Correspondent, probably makes realistic sense if, and only if, by the "our" in its stylee, such implies White, Chauvinist, Racially-Aware (as opposed to merely outright racist), Bible-Believing Christians (the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKans" Fox News holds up as Worthy of Study and Emulation) in a Luscious Glory of hubris which would excuse a manufactured, insincere even, "solidarity" with such specimens of White, Racially-Aware, Bible-Believing Christians the world over in Clear and Present Danger of Persecution for as much their Noble and Glorious Race as their Pious and Humble Christian Faith and the Deeply- and Dearly-Held Beliefs Unifying Same (the Afrikaners down South Africa way easily coming to mind).

And speaking of the Afrikaner, you could just imagine where the Gingrich campaign, in its Luscious Glory of desperation trying to topple his RepubliKKKan Presidential rivals Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney for delegate numbers heading into their Tampa conclave this summer, will start pushing an Economic Rescue agenda based, as it turns out, on the Afrikaner Nationalist model of 'n Volk red homself according to ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen" as its ideal and model of study (yet all along downplaying the fact that such an agenda would be planting the seeds of the apartheid regime's excesses of racist arrogance excused as Christian Love).


As if the Greater "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement wasn't already arrogant enough in its Luscious Glory of True Patriot Love Thou Dost In Us Command, along comes word that Die Broers Koch want "Tea Party" groups being entitled tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service as a "Social Welfare Organisation" per Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code (in which case, the tax laws would prevent them from engaging in direct political activity, including endorsement of candidates for Constitutional offices., for its part, has uncovered glaring evidence from actual "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement websites as ought be enow for the IRS to disqualify "Tea Party" groups from any sort of tax benefit. And which ought be enough of a call for someone among us Real Americans (as opposed to the Fox News simulation) to launch a petition drive for to beseech the IRS to deny such requests in light of the aforementioned evidence.


Methinks what the entire of the conservative talkback prolefeed genre fails to realise, especially in the wake of l'affaire Sandra Fluke and its fallout, is that their agenda and message may have enabled Our Sworn Enemies from especially within to act the "backstabber" role upon Our Dear Lovely Nation, with the "New World Order" and its Jackbooted Thugs lying in wait for the coded signal to attack--and, in their collective Luscious Glory of protective projection, seek to blame "liberals," "secular humanists" and "Communists" therefor, just as Nazi German prolefeed blamed Jews and war profiteers for "stabbing Germany in the back," largely through the agency of the Versailles Treaty and its War Guilt Clause.

(The whole itself having been drawn from Wagnerian Delusions of Luscious Glory itself drawn from Norse mythology such as the Nazi regime's Great Within seemed fond of--in particular the episode of the Nieblung legend in which Hagen stabs Siegfried in the back as a show of betrayal.)


Can you just imagine Branson's Convention and Visitors Bureau sponsoring a NASCAR team as a new and cheerful attempt at attracting the attention of its "REAL AmeriKKKan" audience of "poor white trash" in their collective Luscious Glory of "virtuous" poverty, fecundity and ignorance for which NASCAR serves as a cheap and cheerful distraction?

(Of course, they'd have to make themselves known through the Camping World Truck Series, basically the "minor leagues" of NASCAR, eventually progressing into the Grand National Series before they can enter its "big leagues"--as in the Sprint/Nextel Cup Series. Or is it possible to buy their way into the Sprint/Nextel Cup?

(In any case, don't expect Wisconsin Dells to seek competition for Branson in NASCAR, as the Waterpark Capital is probably a bit too sophisto for NASCAR as opposed to, say, a professional surfing team on the Billabong Pro Tour.)


"All good things must come to their end," so they say ... and judging by the weather forecast for the Minnwissippi region whence Your Correspondent projects these rather esoteric, Faulknerian even, essays unto Teh Greater Blogospheerez, the unseasonable warmth as has broken daily high-temperature records dating back as much as a century or more is bound to gradually end as this week wears on.

As in much-needed rain expected to arrive this evening and continue, with the occasional not-so-severe thunderstorm in the bargain, through the week. Which, in the process, will see a gradual temperature drop from the maximas in the high 70's, sometimes above 80 even, seen over recent days to the mid-60's for maxima by this time a week hence. And it's the farmers and planters who could use this rain especially, given the want of significant snowfall this past winter to replenish topsoil moisture levels (and come to think of it, this mild weather may be aiding in getting the frost out of the ground rather quickly, which could mean the farmers getting into the fields to start fieldwork before too long).

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