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18h34 UTC; THURSDAY, 1 MARCH 2012: In case you haven't heard by now, "Occupy Wall Street" has announced plans to call for a General Strike of the working-classes (a/k/a The 99%) against the "Producers" (a/k/a The 1%) vis-a-vis such issues as wage and income inequality, loss of stateside jobs to offshore contractors "for tax reasons," misguided tax policies and other ills that the "Non-Producers" are heir to.

And the "Producer" class (in line with the Ayn Rand Thought dominance among "Tea Party" types in particular) can't wait to find ways for to call out not so much the National Guard as so-called "Constitutional Militias" with connexions to the weird and unwholesome, in their Luscious Glory of hard-wired fanaticism and sadism, to provoke what The 1% hope to see as "Sacred War," with Fox News and other conservative prolefeed outlets seconding this casus belli which, in the right circumstances, may be easily exploited by even more dangerous elements.


Meanwhile, readers, shed no tears for Andrew Breitbart, as died from natural causes (heart failure, it turns out) on the overnight at 43 years: His attempts to kowtow the "Liberal Media Conspiracy" into submission to his warped conservative-bias delusion, methinks, were enough to make him the 21st century's answer to Julius Streicher, editor/publisher of the infamous Nazi-era weekly tabloid Der Sturmer ("The Attacker"), as became a byword for crude, tasteless, "written-so-you-can-understand-it" anti-Semitism whose results were borne out in the Holocaust and its byproduct of some 6 million Jews, among others the Nazis considered "subhuman" or otherwise "life unworthy of life," being killed off, notwithstanding attempts at "scientific historical review" seeking to make light of such debauchery at the expense of Holocaust survivors whose numbers are all the more in decline with each passing year.

Still, though, expect certain conservative "media watch" conspiracists in their Luscious Glory of depravity to start pushing all manner of lurid and unproven "conspiracy theories" about poisoning, &c., contributing to Meneer Breitbart's "martyrdom" within measurable distance. Not to mention, in line with the old journalistic maxim that disasters come in threes, the prospect of another conservative media fly-in-the-salve succumbing under Suspicious Circumstances within measurable distance.


Tell me this isn't a potentially dangerous, or close to it, amalagm of two closely-interrelated conservative articles of faith held "deeply and dearly" conservative prolefeeders would love to push below radar (especially when it comes to explaining it in plain terms, instead preferring the euphemistic "to avoid arousing suspicions" about the Real Intent of the whole):

Videlicet, incorporating their belief in 'n Volk red homself as the Great White Hope for Socioeconomic Recovery and Empowerment among the "REAL AmeriKKKans" in their Luscious Glory of willful, conscious even, poverty, fecundity and ignorance into another of their articles of faith aimed at "empowering the working-classes" towards "renewed healthy respect for Industry, Self-Reliance, Personal Responsibility, Thrift according to Cash Economy and a Wholesome and Simple Home Life"--as in the "complete and final" denationalisation of State Social Security, preferably by way of a carefully-scripted "taxpayer lawsuit" seeking to declare the current State system thereof "insolvent" by considering such to be a "Ponzi scheme" according to the meaning captured standard. Especially when one of the "approved funds" in service to said denationalisation is on the model of Bonuskor, a Sanlam-managed "investment fund" established in 1946 down South Africa way to encourage Sanlam's policyholders "doing the Volk and Nation a favour," as it were, by assigning any rights to bonuses on their policies to Bonuskor, who, in its turn, would harness the power of such funds so entrusted towards Afrikaner business development.

(By 1961, when Bonuskor's assets exceeded ZAR10 million, Sankor was created as a Bonuskor spinoff in the same general vein of Bonuskor and its, shall we say, spiritual father, Federale Volksbeleggings [FVB], established in 1940 under Sanlam auspices influenced by the Afrikaner Broederbond, a highly-secretive "great within" of Afrikaner nationalism whose influence under the apartheid regime's Luscious Glory of depravity, though subtle, was said to be pervasive, perverting even, in its desire to maintain White Christian Nationalism under the overbearing dominance of the Afrikaner "as of Divinely-Ordained Right and Will.")


Meanwhile, here in the third-happiest state of the Nation (only Hawai'i and North Dakota scored higher, as per a recently-released survey in this respect), Minnesota Foodshare has just launched its annual March appeal for non-perishable foodstuffs to restock local emergency pantries ... and cash for said pantries to purchase groceries.

In Winona's case, Winona Volunteer Services, as manages the local emergency foodshelf, has established collection goals in relation to the 2012 appeal of 31,000 lbs. of foodstuffs and $27,000 cash. Which, by my calculation, amounts to 87 cents/lb. of in-kind food donation equivalent.

Anyhow, make sure you can give what you can, either in cash or in kind, to the extent of your capacities.


As for the destruction by Act of God wrought upon Branson, the preferred litmus test conservatives have in establishing an Amerikanischer Leikultur which, when all is said and done, rivals the "folk culture" excesses of Nazi Germany's Kraft durch Frude (KdF) movement, estimates suggest that three theatres and 12 motels bore the worst damage, as did a strip mall in the Muzikschau quarter. And with two weeks to clean up and repair the mess ahead of a college-basketball tournament which kicks off the season there, expect nothing less than conservative prolefeed opportunities for trying to outdo North Korea galore in boasting about the unusually speedy completion of disaster-relief or collective-labour initiatives.

Or, for that matter, prolefeed opportunities by Wrath-of-God Zealots and True Believers in the Westboro Baptist Church stylee about Branson's destruction being a sign of His Contempt for Our Dearest Nation Straying from His Divinely-Ordained Will and Predestiny Upon the Nation by Condoning and Excusing Homosexuality, any proof establishing the implied interconnexion more than likely being via Al Cohol.


It's well established that those with very limited marketable job or career skills will stop at nothing trying to establish a decent, mainstream source of income, never mind the risk of such eventually translating into the serious loss of what little savings they may have (especially considering where banks are now paying only between 0.1% and 0.9%/annum on passbook-type accounts, depending on whether the bank is a "brick-and-mortar" or "direct" such) compounded by their want of sophistication and knowledge that many "make money at home" schemes are really fraudulent and dishonest, and are deliberately structured thus.

Case in point: Herbalife's recently launching an online-based "income opportunity" through the website, backed by major advertising buys on conservative talkback radio shows whose hosts fail to realise that the whole is structured as a Ponzi scheme, reinforced with vague and at once glowing-sounding claims about "the Business of Changing Lives!" as fail to recognise the true cost of the whole. The which is laid bare by the newly-launched site IncomeAtHome EXPOSED, which needs to be read by anyone and everyone seeking to play along in their desperation to earn extra income all the more now more than ever.

(Your Correspondent, for his part, is seeking to supplement his disability benefits through the agency of the Online Mall at this site, which is as legitimate as it gets--at least for trying to make an effort at it.


Meanwhile, those among you wanting to provide aid and comfort to the victims of the late tornadoes across the Midwest and South of the United States may want to consider making a cash donation to your local chapter of the American Red Cross or The Salvation Army, and explain that the donation is to go to Leap Day disaster relief efforts.

Should you have a credit or debit card, freecall your donation to 1-800-RED-CROSS or 1-800-SAL-ARMY, as you prefer.

Those with text-enabled mobile phones can donate $10 (which will be charged to your account; those with prepaid service will have the donation debited from their available balance) to the Red Cross by texting REDCROSS to 90999 or the Salvos by texting ARCH to 80888. (Your carrier's usual message charge continues to apply.)

(In any event, cash donations are preferred to "in-kind" such, the better to free up available warehouse space for disaster relief supplies as can be quickly procured and stockpiled.)

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