18h UTC; MONDAY, 9 SEPTEMBER 2013: No doubt about it, boys and girls:

The AmeriKKKan Christian Right is looking for a few good martyrs-in-waiting, especially so the sort who can be easily exploited in the crudest of atrocity prolefeed pamphlets written by "Good Christian" hacks who get paid about a quarter per word for their "winning of hearts and minds" endeavours.

Endeavours as turn out being highly sensationalised, exaggerated and at turns tending to the highly-coloured and anecdotal, perhaps under Al Cohol's evil and pernicious influence. And all the while contending that such is in the Name, Service and Greater Glory of God Towards Reclaiming Thy Dear and Lovely Nation to His Luscious Glory.

Said accounts tending heavily to borderline pornography, especially in their desire to seek such who could join the ranks of Jan Hus, John Wycliffe, Joan of Arc, the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacree, Slagters Nek, the Boer War extermination camps, Jopie Fourie, even Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd on the Path of Glorious and Holy Martyrdom for the Greater Luscious Glory of His Millennial Kingdom's Final Achievement and Perfection ... and even more so where the martyr path is reached via sadistic, pornographic even, Extreme Ultraviolence as seeks to distract, more than anything, the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKan" also expected to see himself as a Good Christian all the more from his quasi-enforced state of "poor whiteism" in the hopes of seeking fresh candidates for potential martyrdom of the highest order.

A martyrdom which would inspire other "Good Christians" to avenge said martyrdoms by repeating Die Gelofte aan Bloedrivier, vintage 1838, as but the first step for the Complete and Final Reclamation of Thy Dear and Lovely Land at Risk of Being Led Astray from His Divinely-Ordained and -Prophesised Will and Glory as that Shining City on a Hill, the New Jerusalem of Gold--well, you get the idea that Christian Right prolefeeders are expecting all the more.

And which, at any rate, may want to be taken cum salis grano, especially considering the potential where such accounts of "martyrdom" are likely to be exaggerated, deflated rather quickly by Snopes.com ere certain pseudo-"ministries" spread such in "Big Lie" stylee so the masses can accept such as fact and be willing to spontaneously react by vowing "Here we stand before the Holy God of Heaven and Earth," &c., in a rather hyperjuvenile stylee which could cross into insincerity that, in and of itself, can be exploited by the perceived "enemies" before the martyr prolefeed goes full blast and worse.

One can never be too careful. Or can they?


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