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18h UTC; THURSDAY, 5 SEPTEMBER 2013: As if all the prolefeed certain conservative prolefeeders come up with about their being the voice and conscience of the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKa" they see as the Last and Only Hope for Thy Dear and Lovely Nation Continuing as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations wasn't bad enow, there seems to be a dark and ugly side to this Dear Lovely "REAL AmeriKKKa" supposedly represented these same prolefeeders don't want you knowing about.

It's a side as belies the Harsh and Bitter Realities of a mostly rural, small-town, white, Bible-Believing Christian milieu otherwise idealised as an Arcadia Under Threat and Attack. Said Realities aggravated by the want of any sort of healthy and nurturing elements therein as can cause the likes of alcoholism, insanity, sex mania, idiocy, gambling, pauperism and suchlike Social Ills to run rampant if left uncontrolled and unchecked. Especially so where the sex mania angle extends to the likes of precocious puberty, hyperjuvenile interest in sexual matters, incest, pedophilia, overzealous perousal of pornography, even--dare I mention it?--bestiality most obvious and blatant.

(But then again, one needs to remember that there's a distinction between bestiality and its cousin zoophilia: The former requires actually "doing it" with one of another species ... while the latter involves getting one's jollies out of watching animals "doing it," pictorially or on video. And before we start blaming the likes of Animal Planet for bringing zoophiles "out of the closet" [as it were], I for one feel there should be evidence proving an interconnexion. Which, in the hands of these same conservative prolefeeders spreading such atrocity tales, is probably forged at best.)

Mein Innkeeper Friend (as will remain anonymous, per usual) will regale you with tales galore of the rather small town in southeastern Minnesota (current population somewhere around 60) he grew up in until his early teens, when he moved with his now-deceased parents as assumed management of a motel here in Winona--especially so the sort revealing said small town to be almost like Peyton Place on steroids or worse, what with hyperjuvenile sexuality somehow running rampant within the town's confines well into the early 1960's, whence it went into decline. He'll tell you tales of wild stories thus abroad about babies as somehow went pubescent soon after birth, of carnality running rampant among certain specimens of the local youth, even of the crudest sexual jokes and stories being popular among elderly and borderline-impotent farmers at the local tavern on Friday and Saturday nights.

Making matters worse was the fact that the county seat was some 20 miles distant, making it rather difficult to get the constables or even social workers called out in case matters got out of control, especially when it came to overdone rural sexuality.

And the conservative prolefeeders want us to believe such things cannot be expected to happen in their Dear Lovely Ideal that is the "REAL AmeriKKKa"?! (And if noticing such, essentially taking a "See Something, Say Nothing" approach "to protect your community as much as yourself," anyone doing otherwise expected to risk "serious reprisals" to their name, person and repute, not otherwise specified but reportedly known to include intimidation, mayhem, cross-burnings, even outright murder.)


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