18h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 23 OCTOBER 2013: Reader, if you're wondering about the relevance of this old poster for General Electric Mazda Lamps from about a century back to this post, it would have to be this: As per Federal legislation vintage 2007, notwithstanding an attempt in 2010 to repeal or delay its provisions in the name of "Wise Use" and "Personal Liberty," it's now the end of the line for incandescent lighting in the United States.

Once the last of the incandescent bulbs go on sale (as are being manufactured even as I post these remarks to Teh Greater Blogospheerez), it's the end of an era--which, no doubt, will be exploited by so-called "patriot" types who see "Wise Use" as a mantra for the wasteful, the ineffective and the counterproductive, particularly in the electricity arena (all the while insisting that God has Bestowed Upon Thy Dear and Lovely Nation an Abundance of Coal for to Generate Cheap and Cheerful Electricity, Never Mind the Environmental Consequences in the Name of Advancing His Second Coming, nor the fact of coal mines across Appalachia closing left and right because of increased operating costs as the coal seam gets deeper and deeper ... as well as natural gas being all the cheaper as an electricity-generating source).

Meaning, in short, that the "Tea Party," "9/12," "Christian Patriot" and suchlike elements are all the more likely to hoard up the last of the incandescent bulbs on the market, contending throughout that the more energy-efficient lighting (as in compact fluorescent [CFL] and light-emitting diode [LED] bulbs) as is supplanting the incandescent such is some class of a "Communist/Fascist Plot to Undermine and Betray Thy Dear and Lovely Land," with attendant risk for power companies losing significant and measurable profits (supposedly "guaranteed" and "entitled" such "by natural right") in substantial measure with reduced energy consumption from energy-efficient lighting, in its turn translating into a potentially significant and measurable surplus of electrical supply as is unlikely to be sold elsewhere on the grid.

Such canards as above summarised, come to think of it, reek of the nonsenical and illogical. And what's more, CFL and LED lighting, though the initial outlay may be substantial (especially so with the latter), will more than pay for themselves in the reduced electrical consumption among end users so switching over. Not to mention reduced eye strain because of the better quality of light thereby emenating, as well as the longer useful life.
And what's more, some electric utilities may have special pricing on CFL and/or LED bulbs as part of their energy-efficiency initiatives, so check their websites for more information.

(Be sure to recycle used bulbs when they burn out, especially CFL such, as they contain highly-toxic mercury.)

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of the "slice-of-life"
radio series Vic and Sade through the years)


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