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If there's one conservative article of faith conservatives are afraid to acknowledge the true origins of, it would have to be that encapsulated in the Afrikaans term Reddingsdaad, which can be translated as "rescue deed" or "rescue action." Such having its origins in the Afrikaner Ekonomesie Beweging of the late 1930's as was itself an offshoot of Die Tweede Trek which sought to serve as a distractive for "poor white" Afrikaners especially through much of 1938 down South Africa way in the interest of Promoting Afrikaner Heritage, Pride and Identity in the face of perceived "oppression" of the Afrikaner Volk under British rule in the then-Union of South Africa seen as "worsening" the "poor white" problem laid bare in the Carnegie Commission Report of 1932.

Reddingsdaad, essentially, is seen as a "people-centred" ideal of socioeconomic rescue which seeks to reject State or private charitable aid for and among the Lower Classes in favour of a model which seeks to invoke the natural unity and synergies of the People and Nation into their being channelled towards their socioeconomic rescue and empowerment towards socioeconomic dominance and control for the greater glory and benefit of the Volk. The preferred avenue therefor being manifested through the concept of Volkskapitalisme ("people's capitalism"), which sought to reinvent traditional free-market capitalist models and concepts by emphasising jobs creation and training for the impoverished and dispossessed masses "sunken spiritually and materially" over capitalism's traditional focus on wealth creation.

And the ideal financing mechanism would be the Reddingsdaadfonds, a "Patriot Fund," as it were, as would leverage the masses' "idle monies" through the likes of "people-centrist" banks, building societies, savings and credit clubs, insurance and burial societies, and even cooperative societies, all expected to do their part for the Reddingsdaadfonds by their participation in their several initiatives, into "productive capital" that would:
  • offer loans and finance to "viable" business startups;
  • buy faltering businesses as would be recast according to "people-centrist" models as would be expected to create jobs and wealth for the masses;
  • encourage, through the likes of an associated investment house, investment in Afrikaner businesses by as much the masses as banks, &c.; and
  • promote campaigns to patronise Afrikaner-owned businesses exclusively out of "natural affinities and interconnexions", and encourage use of Afrikaans in advertising and trading.
In any case, apartheid and Reddingsdaad seem to have a natural and mutual affinity for each other, what with the engineers behind the Reddingsdaad concept--the hyper-secretive Afrikaner Broederbond, in its Luscious Glory of quasi-Freemasonic secrecy in the Name and Behalf of the Afrikaner Volk--having wanted all along the concept of "sovereignty within our own sphere", as in "exercising a natural right" to live and associate among their own kind exclusively, to have their own institutions and form of government, to have their own "deeply- and dearly-held" beliefs and values and to have their very own "mother-tongue," as in Afrikaans.

The which may be worth thinking about when you hear certain prolefeeders insist that only free-market models are best engineered to save the likes of such "culturally- and spiritually-depressed areas" as Detroit and rural Mississippi.

Finally, an Important Message to keep in mind ahead of Tuesday's midterm elections, what with certain Weird and Unwholesome Elements vowing to God and Jeebus to harrass, intimidate and interfere with "the wrong kind of voters" at polling stations nationwide, and insisting that God and Country justifies such acts, deeds and exploits:

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