18h UTC; THURSDAY, 9 MAY 2013: Hopefully, after several days of emphasising single topics in blog posts, I hope such met well with you ... and meanwhile, for such among you as are accustomed to my more conventional brand of blogging (as in discussing several topics at hand in the same post), I'd like to go back to that format. In any event, your comments on the tone and stylee of blogging preferred are greatly appreciated in any event.

First off, Your Correspondent calls the Notice and Attention of such as want the goods they offer for sale to be of preferably American manufacture (never mind "Tea Party" doublethink in regards to jobs and job policy) to a webbed site I heard about on NPR's Morning Edition this very such called MakersRow.com, as seeks to bring together retailers and manufacturers wanting to sell American-made goods in the interest of protecting and creating American jobs and American industry. Not to mention dissing Walmart in the bargain, what with their hard-wired belief in low price at any cost (made all the more evident by recent Unfortunate Events at Bhangladeshi garment factories, as in the collapse of a multi-story tower housing several such which saw over 900 now confirmed dead and this morning's fire at another such which killed eight).

Meanwhile, you'd expect the "Tea Party" element to be rejoicing in the news that the United States Government was selling off its shareholdings in General Motors oh so gradually since the holiday last year ($90 million in shares having been sold to date), with another $240 million such expected to be disposed of within measurable distance--until you learn that such are being sold at a loss to the Good Taxpayers. No wonder the "Tea Party" wants the "mere formality of legal recognition" (as in a Constitutional Amendment) to their somewhat implausible doctrine about a supposed mutual interconnexion vis-a-vis ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe and Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations so that the two concepts are seen as mutually beneficial. Reinforced by the somewhat flimsy argument implying that if Cuba can establish the same interconnect vis-a-vis Socialism, then what would prevent Our Dear Lovely AmeriKKKa from "embracing such a simple, common-sense doctrine in its Constitution" (as the argument would put it)?

How much longer, meanwhile, given the continued and continuing recovery in Wall Street (as in having recouped its losses since the 30-share Dow Jones Industrial Average hit rock bottom in 2009, and then some--not to mention its closing above 15,000 for the first time ever on Tuesday) prompts renewed calls for the "complete and final" denationalisation of State Social Security per Latinoamericano models founded upon the equities markets as their guide and fountainhead, replete with rather skewed and manufactured prolefeed about the "failed and failing" status quo thereof, and its "want of emphasising self-reliance and personal responsibility among the working-classes" whose knowledge of the equities markets, more than anything, is but grounded in latent anti-Semitic tropes and platitudes about "unhealthy and disproportionate control and dominance" of Wall Street by Jews "to the harm and detrius of Good Christians" (or so the trope here hath it)?

Come to think of it: How exactly would denationalising State Social Security be "Christian"?

One Bad Apple, usw., in action: CareerBuilder.com, perhaps the preeminent employment and job-search website online, hath it in a new survey of employers that they regret making unsound hiring decisions that, in the end, cost the company money, resources, prestige and morale to the extent of such having to be dismissed lest further harm ensue. (Worst possible countries for such scenarios prevailing: Russia, China, India and Brazil, which are 80% of the BRICS alliance of emerging economies.)

As if that weren't awful enough for employers, TheLadders.com (as specialises in positions whose salaries are $100,000 and upwards) reports that the fewer letters in your first name, the more likely you're capable of getting higher-salary positions.

News for our "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" brethren:
In its annual assessment of Chinese military strength and capabilities, the Defence Department notes where all branches of China's military have benefitted all the more from recent modernisation (especially so its navy, as received its first aircraft carrier and two nuclear-powered submarines over recent months), aimed at strengthening the defence of her sovereignty and territorial integrity (especially in the South China Sea, more specifically in the area of the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islands as are claimed by both Japan and China) ... but also raises the alarm of the prospect that their so-called "People's Liberation Army" could be turning to cyberwarfare against especially American corporate, government and military computer servers within measurable distance.

And given this same ilk's hard-wired Orwellian belief in "rejecting evidence of eyes and ears" in the name and interest of Our Dear Lovely Nation, Your Correspondent calls to mind this item from BBC Monitoring's roundup of Chinese media reportage vis-a-vis China's reporting improvement in exports for April:
Hong Kong's South China Morning Post says China's better-than-expected export growth last month may be "too good to be true", with economists linking the surge to speculative fund inflows.

"The better-than-expected data also prompted economists to question its accuracy, with some saying the data may have been inflated by Chinese exporters to circumvent capital control on funds they bring into the country,"
Global Times adds.
Otherwise, a fresh round of rain, accompanied by cooler temperatures in contrast to recent days here in the Minnwissippi seeing maxima in the 75-80 degree trend, marks what's been going on here. And yet farmers still can't get into the fields to get planting out of the way, what with the meltwater of the recent freak snowfall still needing to percolate into the subsoil....



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