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15h24 UTC; THURSDAY, 7 JUNE 2012: You may want to watch especially (and scrupulously close) the online campaign prolefeed videos of GOP Presidential wannabe-presumptive Mitt Romney (still from Uranus, AFAIK), and for good reason: One blogger hath it that such may be dropping a none-too-subtle suggestion that Governor Romney's campaign is about the survival of White, Bible-Believing Christian "REAL AmeriKKKa" pure and simple.

Yet he doesn't want to let slip as much tacitly; i.e., he would rather prefer that the racist appeal and message be subtle, discreet, by implication even. Perhaps even subliminal, no? (Not to mention borrowing from many of the same memes apartheid South Africa was using to justify apartheid to the "privileged" White Afrikaner audience expected to "benefit" all the more, yet leaving out the direct interconnexion lest scandal ensue. Nonetheless, such will want to be worth watch-and-ward action. And challenge. By Any Means Necessary even, preferably peaceful and yet responsible.)


Is it just me, or do certain hyperconservative elements (especially the Elmer Gantryites and their "Tea Party" drookies) insist that the implementation of Government policy require specific "confirmation" based on the sighting of specific supernatural phenomenae (cf. official North Korean propaganda insisting that "Eternal First Secretary" Kim Jong Il's formal accession from "Dear Leader" to "Great Leader" in the fall of 1997 was "confirmed" by the sudden, spontaneous, out-of-season blossoming of "thousands" of pear and apricot trees across North Korea, among other specimens of supernatural-manipulative excess reeking of distraction and superstition)?


Spotted in Facebook by way of one Sheila Sprague, one of my acquaintenances therein (with original spelling, grammar/syntax and punctuation retained):
The tea party hates anything European, even though most of their own roots r there. I guess with the stripping of all our rights that glue this country together, we r well on our way to communism, more like china,africa, Mexico and RW government under authoritarian rule. As they redistrict, disenfranchise voters, strip women of rights, choose your movies ,school books , lower wages, make healthcare available to fewer and fewer, education prohibitive. I love tea partners with no horse in the race who spend their days watching soaps, marrying so they won't have to work,who although themselves r underachievers vote without consideration for the children they r enslaving. Think tea partier's r worldly? Most of them r too afraid to leave their mundane hometowns.... I feel sorry in a sense but mostly just angry at what their fear is doing to ruin this country. I wish I could impart some of my fearlessness to them and set them free
Does this accurately explain the psyche ascendant in the "Tea Party" rank-and-file, in their Luscious Glory of xenophobic Christian Nationalist nativism on a par with apartheid South Africa?


Methinks President Obama Did The Right Thing in calling out The Oxycontin Boar's referring to him as "Barack Kardashian" on his radio programme in its Luscious Glory of appealing to the ignorant, the overzealously self-conscious (excusing such as "racially aware") and the xenophobically hard-wired who see Our Dear Lovely AmeriKKKa the way apartheid South Africa saw themselves as God's Own Country, Created and Endowed Unto White, Bible-Believing Christians For All Time and Consecrated Unto His Will and Glory.

Especially considering the subtle imprecation of the putdown that Branson's so-called "music shows" ought be a more realistic litmus test and defining standard of das Realkultur von der Amerikanischer Volk  for the self-conscious "REAL AmeriKKKan"--howbeit without openly saying as much. Sometimes, you need to read between the lines. Apply doublethink, even.


Meanwhile, has anybody considered the possibility that God is actually a hermaphrodite?

(Especially when you consider where there was a time when such who were disinherited or otherwise disowned by their families saw the ministry as their best and only chance to make something of themselves--only to wind up enslaved to Al Cohol, largely out of a need to come up with the most disturbingly paranoid fire-and-brimstone model stylee of sermons at the last minute before Sunday services. And themselves falling unto the same league as what Stewie Griffin in Family Guy once described as "exactly the kind of idiot you see at Taco Bell at one in the morning! The guy who just whiffed his way down the bar-skank ladder!!")


Why the old hydrotherapeusis (as in Bathhouse Row, for one) may be deserving of a fresh second look: The World Health Organisation at the United Nations hath a shocking new report which suggests that gonorrhea is rapidly mutating into new and potentially destructive forms as are so resistant to common antibiotic and drug regimens therefor, such may eventually be considered as "untreatable" within measurable distance. (As a matter of fact, before the first antibiotic and sulfa-drug treatments for sexually-transmitted diseases came out on a large scale after World War II, Hot Springs, Arkansas, where Bathhouse Row can be found, was all too often the best and last hope STD sufferers had for relief therefrom. And there are old records from the former Government Free Bath House, operated for the benefit of the indignant seeking hydrotherapeusis until its closure in 1953, extant revealing where many of its patients were being thus treated for gonorrhea and its equally-loathsome cousin syphilis, in particular such who distrusted Salvarsan, a/k/a 606, the preferred STD treatment for the first half of the 20th century, itself fraught with dosage and administrative complications.)


Once again, we are reminded that clowns can easily get away with truth, especially where the so-called "Birther" distractive comes into play as a satiric target: Hatewatch, a Southern Poverty Law Centre blog as monitors the latest developments in bigotry, hatemongering and White Christian Nationalism, hath it that a Federal judge threw out a libel suit WorldNetDaily had filed against the publishers of Esquire magazine over a satire the latter had published online claiming that the former was recalling for pulping all extant copies of the just-published treatise Where's The Birth Certificate? after President Obama made public the long-form such to appease such misguided elements (who, know, refuse to be convinced).

WND sought some $250 million in danages for defamation and injury to its name and repute caused by the piece, but the judge saw otherwise in light of the following disclaimer Esquire added to the original item a few hours after the original posting (which, know, was clearly and conspiciously labelled as "humour"):
We committed satire this morning to point out the problems with selling and marketing a book that has had its core premise and reason to exist gutted by the news cycles, several weeks in advance of publication.… Hell, even the president has a sense of humor about it all.
Sadly, WND remains unconvinced, and plans an appeal with the help of the closely-affiliated Judicial Watch.


And talk about exaggerating one's exploits in combat to attract attention: It's now emerged that America's Got Talent wannabe Timothy Michael Poe (49, not the 35 claimed on air recently) may have actually exaggerated his military record somewhat (not to mention his age and hometown) to attract attention and sympathy in the current competition, the final rounds of which (starting with 48 contestants) are set to begin next month.

Credit the Minnesota Army National Guard with filling in where the show's producers, FremantleMedia North America and Syco Television for NBC, likely failed in their background vetting of contestants--as in:
  • his military role being that of a supply specialist, unlikely to involve any direct combat activity (as opposed to logistical and supply-chain matters behind the lines);
  • his record of service encompassing only eight years, five months, not the 14 claimed on air;
  • his being deployed in Kosovo as part of the United Nations peacekeeper force between the fall of 2007 and the summer of 2008;
  • his Afghanistan service being for but one month in 2009 (howbeit without any injuries consistent with his claim of having been wounded by a grenade attack while therein deployed); and
  • no tours of duty in Iraq whatsoever as would substantiate his claim of having been wounded during a sniper attack there, as he claimed in a recent interview with a Dallas TV station.
In any event, Mr. Poe's status in the finals is unknown pending next month's first round, thereby heightening the mystery ... especially considering his on-camera claims of battle heroics now having been exploded by official military records showing otherwise. And with the Supreme Court having invalidated the Stolen Valour Act on Constitutional points, maybe it was time to start asking if Mr. Poe may be committing a fraud upon America's Got Talent as much as the American People and Nation falling for such manufactured heroics as an ur-opiate, and to what extent exactly.

Mr. Poe, from what I understand, could not be located for comment. (Or is he, perhaps, seeking auditions with a Branson "music show" or two under an assumed name, under the assumption that he failed to make the final cut?)

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