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15h53 UTC; THURSDAY, 15 MARCH 2012: In case you haven't heard by now about "The Muppet Manifesto" (as in a New York Times Op-Ed piece from former Goldman Sachs executive Greg Smith, wherein he reveals that internal communications at the Wall Street merchant bank oft referred to their clients as no better than "muppets"), where exactly have you been?

In any case, such may want to be worth reading. Especially when you stop and consider the likelihood for "Tea Party" majordomos and their prolefeeders to, in the spirit of "The Muppet Manifesto," start internally referring to the Great Unwashed Masses as no better than "muppets" as are easily manipulate for their agenda, not expected to question or challenge the notion at hand whatsoever vis-a-vis Indecision 2012--especially so that of a socioeconomic sort founded on the Afrikaner Nationalist ideal of 'n Volk red homself based on a foundation of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen" rather than "enslavement" upon State charity among the poor.

Not to mention the faulty interconnexion bewteen contraception/family planning and Religious Liberty (as if such were mutually interconnected By Divine Edict).


Tell me this isn't doublethink of the highest order: Cultural conservatives seem to think that overdoing it on violence in film and on television is one with Moral Degeneracy and Criminality ... yet, on the other hand, will like to insist that said violence can be applied as "emotional release" if and when deemed necessary.


A television icon of the late 1970's and early 1980's, when FreeVee was still holding its own as cable TV was getting its feet wet in new and uncharted waters beyond its traditional milieu of improving reception in difficult terrain, is about to face the cutter's torch: I refer here to the cruise vessel Pacific Princess, as featured prominently in the long-running ABC sitcom The Love Boat (1977-1986) and which, by modern cruise ship standards, would be like an Upper Dells excursion boat, which has been sold to a Turkish shipyard as specialises in breaking up disused vessels for scrap metal after a year's idleness at the port of Genoa.


How exactly does GOP Presidential wannabe Newt Gingrich hope to achieve a steady, consistent price of $2.50/gallon of gasoline as one with National Identity and Cohesion consistent with the doctrines and disciplines of the very same ekonomesie vryheid, &c., the conservative camp enjoys upholding as a Sanctii Sanctorum of AmeriKKKan National and Sovereign Identity, which holds "market forces" to best dictate prevailing prices rather than State subsidies such as are common in Third World dictatorial regimes to pacify the lower-income elements?


In smaller markets like Winona is, one or two big firms will dommo the local radio-station market by controlling the lion's share of the commercially-driven broadcasters and creating all manner of trick and deceit to create an illusory picture of listener choices when, in fact, they're essentially owned by the same outfit.

Which is more than likely to explain how smaller-market AM-band stations emphasising syndicated conservative talkback hosts like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Leykis, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage manage to remain on the air in the face of declining listener numbers and advertiser revenue: Videlicet, through cross-subsidy of profits from the more popular stations in their stable (as in FM-band such likely to feature Top 40, adult-contemporary, classic rock or country playlists) vis-a-vis advertiser revenue (what with FM stations more likely to attract such audience demographics preferred by advertisers) to keep their money-losing AM talkback stations viable (especially when such carry bartered national advertising of the sort at the heart of l'affaire Sandra Fluke and its byproducts)--especially where "tax reasons" come into the argument.

So what's the IRS' take on such cross-subsidy of local Fernschengruppen having monopoly power in their markets?


Meanwhile, some Interesting Questions that we Real Americans (not the Fox News simulation under that label) need to ask:
  • What prevents talkback radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh from explaining whether they're being paid by conservative groups or movements to advance their prevailing talking points (such as would be explained in an occasional e-mail newsletter offering guidance notes on points worth emphasising, &c.) on the air, and if so, how much exactly are they being paid "for services rendered"? (Recall where there was a scandal in Australia a few years back when several talkback hosts in Sydney and Melbourne failed to explain to listeners that certain of their comments were paid for by outside interests to influence public opinion.)
  • How much are Branson "music show" producers being paid by "patriotic" or otherwise conservative groups or causes to (howbeit discreetly) slip in their prolefeed messages within the context thereof (and discreetly, the better to avoid "attracting suspicions" in certain circles), said payola amounting, in essence, to a subsidy of the ticket price (over and above gift-shop sales of CD's, T-shirts and other campy ephemera on offer, not to mention concession-stand sales of snacks and refreshments)?

With evidence of Rush Limbaugh's misogynistic tendencies towards women being as blatant as it is, Your Correspondent has to wonder if he isn't secretly interested in pushing for what amounts to a return of the "caveman" brand of ur-marriage: As in some mature young male naked save for a loincoth beaning the first woman he comes across (attractiveness doesn't necessarily matter) with his club on the top of her head, and then dragging her by the hair while she's still unconscious back to his place ... the whole being consummated (as it were) by prolonged mating with his ur-bride, more than likely with the male entering the female from behind, animal-fashion. To be repeated until both were satisfied, satiated even.


Classic kiddie-radio show blooper per the files of the late Kermit Schaefer: One of those "uncle" show hosts, in announcing that the local Tiergarten had just added a spotted leopard from Africa to its attractions, urged his young and impressionable listeners to "ask your Mom and Dad to take you to see the newest attraction at the cathouse."

(Never mind that "cathouse" is slang for "brothel.")

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