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18h08 UTC; THURSDAY, 1 DECEMBER 2011: Your Correspondent probably mentioned this originally the other day in passing, but then again, for some reason or another, has decided to bring this up as the Lead Topic for today's post, what with the next series of American Idol forthcoming on Fox shortly after 2011 segues into 2012, replete with the winner taking home a $1 million cash prize and a recording contract for making it all the way through:

Given that American Idol has become little better than a distraction manufactured to misdirect the Good American People and Nation's attention and focus away from The Big Picture, as it were, may I suggest where viewers consider voting for the single worst-sounding act among the several finalists in the new series--as in one which should draw comparisons to Florence Foster Jenkins, Alessandro Moreschi, the Cherry Sisters (or, as The New York Times' critic referred to their act when they opened at Oscar Hammerstein's Olympia Music Hall in 1896, "Four Freaks from Iowa") and, for good measure, Angelica C. Pickles from Rugrats and All Grown Up! in terms of having pathetically awful singing voices as could be grating on the ears (in Signor Moreschi's case, he was the last of a rather ghastly choral tradition known as the castrati and the only such who had his voice recorded, howbeit with rather crude and primitive technology).

And hopefully ensuring that "the fat lady," as it were, brings down American Idol to the point of ridicule and sinocensure so richly deserved and deserving, especially so from late-night hosts' monologues (including such of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert).

In any case, let's look out for the worst possible voice among the several contestants in the next series of American Idol, and vote for him/her week after week. Especially when it turns out to be the Grand Champion when all is said and done.

So who's with me here? (In any case, please be sure to share this with your friends. Responsibly.)


The Latest Chinese Joke hath it that "when you watch TV commercials, all of a sudden a drama pops up."

But not for much longer: China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has ordered its television broadcasters, with effect from the New Year, to stop carrying advertising during dramatic programmes "to ensure the continuity of the audience's viewing experience," as the official directive phrased it; yet another in a long line of recent regulatory rulings from Beijing targeting TV stations losing too much audience share to Teh Innerwebz as shows keep becoming overrun by commercial messages sometimes crossing into the misleading.

But then again, producers might come up with cat-and-mouse games to get around the ban as much as official censorship such as:
  • reducing the length of episodes from one hour on average to between 20 and 30 minutes, so that commercials could be slipped in during the break;
  • incorporating trademarks or logotypes onto the corner of the screen during the broadcast;
  • slipping in advertising during the end credits; or
  • increasing product placements, itself a subtle form of advertising exposure right there.
And GOP Presidential wannabe Michelle Bachmann wants AmeriKKKa to "be more like China" socioeconomically to save capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics from itself!


Staying for the nonce with that Grand Delusion that AmeriKKKa "ought be more like China," the Bank of China announced that it would be easing bank capital requirements in the hope of its largely state-run banking sector making more consumer loans and credit available towards jumpstarting the economy by encouraging increased consumer spending.

But then again, I understand China Post has a Postal Savings Bank among its services....


Isn't it rather grating on the ears to have Herman Cain constantly reply "9-9-9!" to reporters' questions in response to the latest charges of Indecent Sexual Liasons with Women (as if hoping the media would "pay more healthy attention" to the "positive benefits" of his 9-9-9 tax reform proposal), which could too easily be mistaken for the German "Nein, Nein, Nein!" ("Nein!" being German for "No!", so explaining why "niner" is used in Air Traffic Control radio communications for the number 9, to avoid confusion)?


Chivalry, 21st-century stylee: Sheriffs' deputies in suburban Atlanta couldn't bring themselves to enforcing a mortgage foreclosure on the home of a 103-year-old woman going on 104 ... and her 82-year-old daughter.


Not Quite One for Ripley Department: Over at the motel I do for here in Winona, Mein Innkeeper Friend decided recently to replace the slow-selling Fanta Grape in the motel's Coke vending machine with Fresca, a grapefruit-heavy citrus soda, in the hope of being more attractive business-wise.

And it turns out that the Fresca has become quite the hit at said vending machine--howbeit from a long-term guest who prefers Fresca as a mixer with the cheap vodka he prefers.


And speaking of cheap vodka, the makers of Wodka brand, in response to complaints from the Anti-Defamation League, pulled down several billboards therefor in the New York City metropolitan area which showed one dog with a Santa Claus-type stocking cap and the other with a yarmluke, promoting Wodka as "Christmas Quality, Hanukkah Price." (The main objection raised was that such a message reinforced the anti-Semitic canard implying that Jews were "money-hungry" and yet cheap.)

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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