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16h50 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 4 APRIL 2012: Reader, something to think about whenever GOP Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney speaks about a second term for President Obama being but the start of what Romney sees as a "government-centred society" for Our Dear Lovely Nation: Videlicet, North Korean prolefeed about Pyongyang's so-called "people-centred socialism" (Juche, to use the regime's official term) founded on the doctrine that "인간은 모든것의 주인이며 모든것을 결정한다" ("Man is the master of everything, and decides everything"), and same being seen as the "correct form of socialism."

Not to mention an attempt at piggybacking the basic disciplines of Juche (as in political and sovereign independence, socioeconomic self-reliance and self-defence being one with national defence) onto those of the Afrikaner Nationalist call to Reddingsdaad ("rescue pact") down South Africa way such as was packaged as the legacy of die Tweede Trek in 1938, a symbolic reconstruction of die Voortrek from Cape to Highveldt as sought to promote Afrikaner Unity, Identity and Solidarity in deeper context ... promoting such as those which would save the Afrikaner from the presumed "bondage" of Anglo-Jewish control of South African business and industrial interests, such usually epitomised in the form of "Hoggenheimer," a crude anti-Semitic caricature rivalling anything from the pen of "Fips" (Philipp Rupprecht) as appeared in the Nazi German weekly tabloid Der Sturmer about that same time ... promoting what one Afrikaner Nationalist leader called "seizing the foreign model of capitalism and adapting it to our national character" so that the creation of wealth as was traditionally at the heart of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen" was seen to be secondary to a Greater Mission of Socioeconomic Empowerment of a Heretofore Marginalised People and Nation.

Said Greater Mission seeking to deemphasise State welfare and charity as the preferred means of rescuing the poor and marginalised from themselves by:
  1. Creating a central fund to leverage the otherwise "idle monies" of the people into "productive capital" towards new business and industry startups under Afrikaner control and management;
  2. Encouraging said startups to employ poor Afrikaners and train them in "useful skills";
  3. Encouraging wholehearted support of Afrikaner-run businesses (including the likes of the life insurer Sanlam and the banking-house Volkskas) to ensure a steady replenishment of "productive capital" as would ensure the perpetuation of the cycle;
  4. Appealing to Afrikaner National Heritage and Identity through the agency of "a mighty Christian Nationalist and Afrikaner-driven" national movement "to promote the economic independence of the Afrikaner" (the Reddingsdaadbond, whose motto, 'n Volk red homself--"a people rescuing itself"--was also seen as its guiding principle);
  5. Creation of a new form of capitalism, Volkskapitalisme ("people's capitalism") by name, as would emphasise social empowerment above the mere creation of wealth; and
  6. Promotion of cooperative societies (especially so in retailing, banking, housing finance and agriculture) to the greatest extent feasable so as to further empower the Afrikaner through the principle of Helpmekaar ("mutual aid"; literally, "help each other").
The whole expected to be promoted by way of "Tea Party"-sponsored "social benefit" fronts (supposedly to keep the IRS at bay in the face of charges that the "Tea Party" [pseudo]movement is using the "social benefit" ruse to evade disclosure of its donor lists) at community level, structured as a hybrid along the lines of supposed "Juche Study Groups" North Korean prolefeed claims are extant the world over to promote the "people-centred socialism" ideal thereof and the Reddingsdaadbond movement as operated in South Africa from 1940 until it was wound up in 1957 (at its zenith, the Reddingsdaadbond had some 70,000 dues-paying members, at 6d/month, in 400 local chapters across South Africa; 2d of each month's dues went towards a £10 accidental-death insurance plan operated under its auspices).

The whole being packaged as "people-centred ekonomesie vryheid, &c.", as would Reclaim Prosperity and Protect AmeriKKKan Models of Free Enterprise by Returning Ekonomesie Vryheid, &c., to the People Entitled to Control Thereof by Natural Right ... but unfortunately, expect such meetings to be cut-and-dried, formula-driven affairs tending heavily to drunken appeals to the crudest and most jingoistic forms of patriotism known, not to mention parroting the current bumper-sticker slogans in the proper (as in hyperjuvenile) tone and nuance, cadence even.

In short, driven more by ideological brainwashing than by anything remotely resembling practical instruction as would serve the stated desires of "empowering the welfare-enslaved" through a purely "people-centred" ekonomesie vryheid, &c., "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" essentially. The which, in any case, would be well worth watching--and challenging, especially where dogwhistle racism and nativism, even appeals to "Christian Identity and Liberty" and the defence thereof, come into the equation in a manner that would make apartheid South Africa (which, it just so happens, was the byproduct of the whole Reddingsdaad concept) look like a weekend among the most jingoistic of Branson's so-called "music shows."

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