00h UTC; TUESDAY, 6 NOVEMBER 2012: So, Meneer en Vroue America, it all comes down to today, Indecision 2012 in the flesh and blood. And it may be one of those elections which will see the proverbial cauldron keep boiling and boiling until a final residuum can emerge as to who exactly will win: Barack Obama and Joe Biden (Democrats) or Willard Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan (RepubliKKKans) ... such being all the more likely considering where:
  1. virtually all the major opinion polls have the race either tied, or within the statistical margin of error, right up to today;
  2. possible voter intimidation or suppression by the ilk of the so-called "True the Vote" and affiliated entites, especially in lower-income and National Minority-dominant precincts (the which should be reported timely to the FBI on a/c 202-514-1888 or freecall 1-866-OUR-VOTE, as voter intimidation/suppression is still a Penal Offence); and
  3. the outcome of legal action out Ohio way regarding the legality of Official Directives from Secretary of State Jon Hustead forcing the onus for completing Provisional Ballot Applications upon the voters when the law says that only election judges can do so, as well as ordering the installation of potentially treif, haram even, software "patches" on electronic voting systems in certain Important Jurisdictions, especially the counties of Cuyahoga (Cleveland), Franklin (Columbus) and Lucas (Toledo).
Further proof that the electoral cauldron may be some while boiling: In line with established tradition, Dixville Notch, Coos County, New Hampshire cast the nation's first Presidential votes just after midnight ... and the ten registered voters therein split their Presidential vote between Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan; it's the first time such a tie has been discerned therein.

At about that same time, another New Hampshire community, Hart's Location (on the southern edge of Crawford Notch State Park in the White Mountains), cast its Presidential ballot ... and Obama/Biden won easily over Romney/Ryan, 23 to 9.

However, as the old proverb reminds us, "don't count your chickens before they hatch." Instead, vote (if you've yet to already) and be patient and understanding as electoral returns come in through the night. Not to mention remembering that it's actually the Electoral College that counts Presidentially, and 270 votes therefrom are required to formally secure the Presidential election; hence, when you're voting for President and Vice-President, Real America, you're actually choosing electors for and on behalf of your candidate at the State level; each state's electoral votes are based on net Congressional delegation (two Senators, plus as many Representatives proportional to population).

So, in taking in the Presidential election results this evening, remember to consider the electoral votes as much as the popular vote vis-a-vis the several states.

And it's not just the Presidential election at stake: You also have one-third of the Senate (33 seats) and the entire of the House of Representatives (435 seats) facing reelection, plus several Governors and state-level Constitutional offices ... and numerous state and local ballot plebiscites as are under consideration today as well. Ergo, the importance of that one vote you possess is all the more crucial, if not more so.

Especially because Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations is all the more crucial than ever before.

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