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00h UTC; THURSDAY, 2 AUGUST 2012: Onward:
  • As "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day" is observed among the Elmer Gantryite brand of "REAL AmeriKKKans" as a show of loyalty to the dubious conflation of Traditional Christian Values with ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe, maybe it was time to start wondering if the prolefeed from such of that ilk will start overdoing it on the glowingly apologetic, maudlin even, for apartheid South Africa from the perspective of the "privileged as of right" White Christian Minority, with the Afrikaner (as in such descended from early Dutch, German and French Huguenot settlers at the Cape of Good Hope from 1652 on) especially getting preferential treatment in such areas as employment, housing, schooling and better access to government services. (And at the same time glossing over the fact that the Christelik Nasionale Onderwys educational syllabus was overzealously emphasising "Biblical Values" over core skills, not to mention where the Voortrekkers youth movement was seen as a further adjunct of the regime's greater desire to indoctrinate Christian racist arrogance from youth on.)
  • A U.S. District Court judge in Connecticut, citing an "unwritten" pattern of discrimmination against homosexuals down the years, has become the latest to strike down the so-called "Defence of Marriage Act" as contravening the Constitution, which could mean that the Supreme Court may have the final word on whether homosexuals are as much entitled to the emouluments of American National Character and Identity as the "straight" (yet with the Elmer Gantryites hoping to use the same criteria as Dred Scott v. Sullivan did in justifying slavery against homosexuality).
  • You can certainly tell that the school year's fast approaching when the state fair is now, or soon to be, underway: Already, the Ohio State Fair is now underway in Columbus ... and by the end of the week, state fairs will be under way in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin ... with those in Iowa and Missouri getting underway next week. (Minnesota's, for the record, is a 12-day run ending Labour Day.) And for such who are looking for a pure, old-school county fair, there's always the World's Greatest County Fair, none other than the Clay County Fair in Spencer, Iowa (which, this year, is 8-16 September, inclusive).
  • Badminton, as an Olympic sport, isn't one of those sports as attracts much attention or TV coverage during the peak-viewing season ... until it emerged that a total of eight badminton doubles players (four from China, two each from Indonesia and South Korea) were being paid to throw matches in the hope of getting plum competition as could be easily defeated (in theory) in the later rounds. Hence, the sport's governing body has formally disqualified the eight from further doubles competition in London (however, for the nonce, they remain eligible for singles play pending further review).
Meanwhile, as the Junior Surf Rats Dawn Patrol makes their way to the beach in the pre-dawn fog and mist....

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