00h UTC; SATURDAY, 8 NOVEMBER 2012: With "Tea Party"-influenced and -deluded politicos somehow thinking that breaking up trade unions in favour of "right-to-work" laws and policies as could lead to deskilling of Essential Industry will help reclaim prosperity for Our Dear Lovely Nation and lead to magic and spontaneous jobs creation, Your Correspondent is one to wonder if the conservative mindset towards trade unionism is actually one out of Afrikaner mindsets in South Africa leading to apartheid.

Mindsets insisting that the only "good" unions are such predicated on the trope encapsulated in the white-supremacist acronym ORION (as in "Our Race Is Our Nation," itself reinforced by the Afrikaner Christian Nationalist trope that "every Nation is founded upon a Country [landstoem] allocated unto it by Yahweh God") as turn out being modelled on the Reddingsdaadbond (RDB; "Rescue Action League"), an Afrikaner-centrist movement active between 1939 and 1957 as saw Afrikaner Ethno-National Identity and Solidarity being predicated on cultural and, in its turn, socioeconomic development. Only it turns out being dysfunctional and worse, even if it's packaged as a Mission From God.

Not to mention calling for "REAL AmeriKKKan" socioeconomic stimulus being "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk," after the model of Vader Kestell's call to Reddingsdaad ("rescue action") among the Afrikaner Volk during die Tweede Trek across South Africa during 1938, expected in its turn to become the foundation of a central and at once mighty Reddingsdaadfond ("Rescue Action Fund") expected to "do the People and Nation a favour" by leveraging the masses' "idle monies" through such channels as savings banks, building societies and insurance companies into "productive capital" as would, in its turn, create a new, "people-centred" form of Volkskapitalisme ("people's capitalism") expected to place the Greater Collective Good of the Volk (as in jobs creation and training) above traditional capitalism's emphasising wealth creation.

Only, as experience turned out, said Volkskapitalisme turned out being a brand of "crony capitalism" involving an Unholy Triangle of the Afrikaner Broederbond (in its Luscious Glory of quasi-Freemasonic secrecy and discretion excused as being in the Volk's Name and Behalf), Sanlam and Volkskas, tapping into supposed "natural synergies" between the three (especially considering Sanlam's management role with the Federale Volksbeleggings [FVB] and Bonuskor investment funds seen as pillars of Holy Afrikanerdom in its Luscious Glory).

Meanwhile, how exactly are the defence of True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command, "Economic Freedom" (i.e., capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics) and Traditional Bible-Believing Christian Values mutually interconnected, let alone mutually beneficial?

Your Correspondent can't help but be amused at a couple specimens of hyperjuvenile schoolyard folklore as involve the Delaware Valley/Delaware Water Gap, predatory polar bears and grisly endings enow to wonder what explains their popularity in especially the Northeast Corridor region. (The polar bear angle calls to mind an early running gag of Jack Benny's radio programme under Jell-O sponsorship about Benny's keeping a pet polar bear by name of Carmichael at his Beverly Hills house, only to become sick after encountering the gas man reading the meter at his residence.

(Speaking of Jell-O, not many know that it was originally sold by itinerant salespeople in the manner of Winona's Very Own Watkins and McConnon products--not to mention such wannabes as Jewel Tea, Furst-McNess, Rawleigh and Avon Cosmetics. McCormick, the spice house, also started out in like fashion selling Bee Brand extracts and root beer concentrate.)

And how exactly are right-wing prolefeeders insisting on "REAL AmeriKKKan Jobs for REAL AmeriKKKans" (especially on a deskilled, labour-intensive model "using the hands more than the mind") reacting to Apple Computer's announcement that it will manufacture stateside(!!) a new version of its Macintosh PC, and employ Americans on its production lines at that?

If ever there was a chase scene with elements of Benny Hill that Your Correspondent would love to see (replete with Benny Hill's theme, Boots Randolph's "Yakkety Sax"), imagine where a group of Ku Klux Klan types preparing for a crossburning on the residence of some "undesirable" type targeted for "God and Country"-model intimidation wind up instead getting the Crocodile Dundee treatment (as in the target of the intimdation brandishing a meat cleaver to intimidate the Ku Kluxers themselves, said Ku Kluxers running as if there was a group case of diarrhea or dysentery like mad to their van, some distance away) ... and when they get back to the van and attempt a getaway onto the main highway, they get caught up in a high-speed police chase in progress, "cutting in" to the extent of a rather gory crash being captured on the dashcam of one of the pursuit vehicles within measurable distance; however, to spare viewers possible embarrassment and distress (especially on news bulletins scheduled around the supper hour), before things become too much, the screen instead cuts to a "ONE MOMENT PLEASE" announcement, eventually culminating into--well, Your Correspondent would rather prefer that imagination "fill in the blanks" to spare the Good Viewers serious humiliation were further drawing out of the details to become an unwitting and spontaneous emetic.


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