19h10 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 10 DECEMBER 2014: First, reader, the reason Your Correspondent was unable to offer some content yesterday in this accustomed space was because of the rather limited time available to him ahead of yesterday's appearence of Canadian Pacific Railway's Holiday Train here in Winona; its arrival being somewhat late because of a broken-down freight such preceding same didn't faze too many in the crowd, who were certainly entertained and enlightened.

He tenders his apologies to such as suffered undue inconvenience.

In any event: Perhaps Thy Dear and Lovely Land should feel shocked--SHOCKED(!!)--at the revelations offered in the Senate Intelligence Committee's Final Report on the Central Intelligence Agency's use of Enhanced Torture and Interrogation Techniques, especially the sort designed to maximise pain and discomfort in hopes of providing intelligence in service to the ur-RAHOWA Against International Terrorism per Bush the Younger, and done in the State's Name and Majesty--not to mention at the expense of the Good Taxpayers expected to see taxes being kept all the lower By Any Means Necessary to be all the more essential and integral to ons styl ekonomesie vryheid as much as Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations by the Sole Goodness of His Grace and Favour.

Even as conservative prolefeeders galore, led by Fox News, insist that the techniques in question and controversy were Essential to National and Sovereign Interest (and some even calling for those engaging in said tortures to be given Crowns Imperial, Crowns and Coronets, as it were, not to mention being seen as Heroes and Role-Models for REAL AmeriKKKa's Disafflicted Youth), such should be enough for Thy Dear and Lovely Land to reflect on what was wrought in our name and majesty.

And the consequences of its excesses and depravities in only emboldening Our Sworn Enemies all the more, even with security at United States embassies in some countries being increased as a precation against the likelihood of "payback" attacks by said extreemists or their fellow-travellers.

But then again, let's not forget where religiously-motivated terrorism against Thy Dear and Lovely Land, and the threat therefor, can come as much from within as from without: Witness the Phineas Priesthood, a Primitive Christian-influenced terror group with known unease towards religious, racial, sexual and other National Minorities as prefers "lone wolf" attacks in His Name and Glory (per its inspiration in the Old Testament book of Numbers) to call from abeyance upon Thy Dear and Lovely Land apartheid South Africa's former title (howbeit for propaganda ends more than anything) of God's Own Country.

Are such of the "Tea Party" element seeking to pay for tax cuts to "the Four Hundred" by eliminating basic tax exemptions for its "REAL AmeriKKKan" base aware that what essentially amounts to a tax increase upon the rank-and-file could be enough to provoke taxpayer insurrection and rebellion, with the Pitchfork Brigades marching upon DC singing the old Internationale lustily all the while within measurable distance?

And what's more: Just how many private-sector jobs, especially such aimed at Chronic and Habitual Welfare Basket-Cases Otherwise Lacking Basic Job or Life Skills, will actually be created in consequence of said tax cuts?

Meanwhile, the ride-sharing phenomenon Uber could be in for really serious headaches, what with several cities world wide banning Uber for seeking to flaunt taxicab and limousine regulations (especially where a medallion system prevails for taxicabs), failing to exercise proper screening measures vis-à-vis its drivers for Possible Criminal Records, operating potentially unsafe vehicles in service thereto, even the use of corrupt and unsound practices to win political grace and favour (especially by insisting that Uber, being a "ridesharing" service, is exempt from taxicab licensing laws). Not to mention the likelihood for exploiting "school-to-work" schemes targeting students from "chronic and habitual" welfare backgrounds, even "welfare-to-work" "jobs creation" schemes, through fraud, deception and trick (especially should Uber be forced to suspend or give up on operations in such areas because of licence issues or other "technicalities").

And One Thing Moar: Given calls in some quarters of Congress for loyalty reviews of such seen as "disloyal" just for challenging the Officially-Approved Versions of recent infamous episodes of police sadism against suspects of colour (especially such where "mental illness" comes into play), has anybody considered whether Congress ought enquire into just how many of the RepubliKKKan-dominant majority in the new Congress may have serious mental and/or emotional incapacity issues which should be enow for their removal from Congress (especially such wrought by the influence of their "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot" packagers and handlers)?

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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